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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xmas Time , My Time

Spent this years' Christmas by indulging myself with great Xmas movies & delicious Xmas cooking shows on TV. Also took the opportunity to embrace the peaceful spirit of Xmas & the joyous and jolly mood of Xmas plus not missing out on admiring the beautifully decorated Xmas trees , lights & ornaments. Ahhhhhhh........simply awesome. Wish I was elsewhere in the 'Orang Putih' country to fully enjoy my favourite time of the year.....macam dulu-dulu aka zaman belum kahwin & zaman belum kenal MP. Hmmmmmmm.......Kalau dulu , time-time end of the year macam ni dah terbang entah ke benua mana........hehehe!

Tu laa.....God is great , dulu dosa pahala tak ingat,,,,,nasib baik tak terjebak lukis tatoo kat badan je......owh,,,,one more I never did try to smoke.....tak pernah teringin nak cuba pun. Alhamdulillah , Dia lindungkan myself dari gejala hisap rokok walaupun masa I leka. Thank You , Thank You , Thank You. Sekarang kena 'kurung' , kena tahan nafsu......Thank You Allah for steering me back closer to You , kalau Allah masih biar-kan I hidup macam dulu , entah apa jadi I sekarang ni. Tak mustahil murtad. Na'uzubillah. I even questioned what's stated in the Al-Quran to my parents , debated with them pasal hukum agama coz to me at that time , certain things in the Al-Quran doesn't make sense to my idiot young mind. Bodoh. Tu yang Mama & Papa paling takut sekali coz I was very lost when I was in my twenties..........Masa tu Mama ada cakap yang dia doa that I bertemu jodoh dengan orang alim or ustaz....hehehe! She was so terrified. Very terrified. *Keep on praying Ma.....*

So with all the Xmas fuss,,,,,here I am , one Muslim going nuts during Xmas time.....SO???? Sue me laa......... No worries , am very much an Islam at heart and I only adore looking at beautiful & creative things. I love to see salji yang putih bersih covering every corners of the earth.........peaceful rasanya *walaupun dunia ni tak peaceful sepenuhnya* , but something to channel my thoughts & hopes to see world peace , world peace , world peace..........*walaupon...*

So this Xmas , me & family headed to Tony Roma's together with my reluctant partner for a ribs lunch.....hehehe! Sebenarnya nak ke Parkson sebab nak belikan beg sekolah since dah ke Pavi , Yna terus cakap kat MP yang dia nak makan kat Tony Roma's. Hari ni mood MP baik giler der.....walaupun dia kureng suka western food. He obliged to kehendak Yna......Yay! *and mine too.....huhuhu!*

We had a great Xmas lunch with the to die for ribs plus 2 servings of Kickin' Shrimp. My kids loved them......Adriel dah pandai makan.....order 1 tak cukup,,,,,,,order lagi satu.....there goes more or less 45 bucks just for salad udang served in martini glasses......

After lunch I told MP that I wanna go see the Xmas decors around Pavi.....cantek.

Gorgeous ornaments......

Fake poinsettias........fake pun fake lah......nak buat macam mana dah tak de bunga betul.

Adriel.....buat Peace sign....

Oh NOOOO! Adriel nampak BALL besar,,,,,,,,,,,dia gasak goncang-goncang bell besar tu.....

Hmmmm......MP tak nak tunggu sampai malam. Kalau malam ada snow turun.....

A promise I made to Yna,,,,,adik dia dah besar sikit , we'll travel.

Ais-ais tipu yang cantik.....

Nak je rasa gantung-kan ketupat - batang lemang - pelita yang bling-bling kat pokok ni......heeeeeeee......time Xmas bukan main decor kat Malaysia ni. Time raya,,,,,,,,,hmmmmm......balik-balik benda sama.

We went inside to enjoy the Xmas decor.....and my son tertarik dengan bola-bola yang bergantungan itu.........payah jugak laa nak pujuk dia to let go of the balls......

A note for me : Everything went well until lagi 5 minit nak sampai rumah. Kak Siti called telling that I have to go to Putrajaya bila naik kerja,,,,,,,,,somebody blew up.........Hahhhhhh.......somebody is really not happy with me being busy with work lately. Me working is taking its toll on me but too not turning back. No way.Facing whatever comes with big A with me all the time.


  1. comelnyer adriel yg sibuk lyn decor bulat2 tu... nsb dia tak merengek nk sebiji :)

  2. sabar sajalah...biasalah nak berjaya dan senang ader jer halangan w/pun dari org yg rapat sgt dgn kita yerrrrrrr