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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Studio : Vocalwealth Networks Turns 1 Today!

Today , 21st December partnership with Kak Siti genap 1 tahun. Dah setahun bukak studio. Alhamdulillah. Last week dah sign contract untuk sambung sewa studio for next year. Insya'allah next year we'll be a bit more busy with the studio. A lot of projects in our minds........moga-moga tercapai yang dihajat , Amin.

A note for me : 2012 in my mind *wink*


  1. Hai Kak Rima.. saya anak jiran Kak Rima di Tmn Dagang.. :) Tak sangker akak ada blog..

  2. tahniah kak rima..
    sekejap je rasa kan..

  3. Salam
    Lawa ,cantik dan nampak berseri Kak Rima pakai tudung tu ..its suits you ..the pink kaler