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Monday, December 20, 2010

My Girlfriends Came Back Home!

In November 2 of my girlfriends Balkish & Fifi came back to KL. I have not seen them for over 20 years. Since after school. Ni baru dapat jumpa balik.

Balkish balik sini for a short holiday. She's staying in Melbourne , Australia now with her family. Siblings & family members masih ramai lagi kat KL ni. She's still the Balkish I know. Fun & witty as ever. We were classmates masa form 1 & form 2.

Fifi pulak balik sini for good after living for years in Indonesia & Singapore. Masih jugak macam Fifi yang I kenal dulu , tak de yang berubah.........very blur *at times.....hehehe!* but a caring person.

Speedo speedo post....hehehe!

I was supposed to cook Sambal Udang Petai for this potluck lunch held at my girlfriends' house Intan. But when I got to know that Yna kena menari kat Sri Pentas I had to withdraw. At first I told Intan that I can't make it to the lunch gathering.

Intan asked me to come anyway........tak bawak food pun tak pe , just come over lepas live telecast kat Sri Pentas........Insya'allah.

Habis je kerja kat TV3 , told MP that I nak singgah rumah my friend kejap. Hantar MP balik dulu then I pun pergi rumah Intan to join the potluck party........Yes!

That's Fifi on the phone......and no , am not angry with her......hehehe!

Walaupun I datang bawak perut je.......but I got this pretty towel for my friends........

Lepas makan-makan,,,,,,,sambung makan-makan lagi kat luar. In the left pic *in white* is Balkish.

Chocolate brownies ni Balkish buat.......

Happy friends,,,,,,,,happy faces........

One of the nites before the above potluck lunch , I went out with my girlfriends to TGIF Wangsa Walk to welcome home my girlfriends Balkish & Fifi. MP memang laa tak suka I keluar malam but tonite I have a reason to ask him for a permission to go out. Told MP that I have not seen these 2 friends of mine for more than 20 years.......well , MP's not that cruel after all....hahaha! I remembered that this gathering was a day after I came back from Kota Bharu *Hmmmm.......doh lame dok dale drah*......To make MP tak fikir yang bukan-bukan bila I keluar malam , I took Yna with me......

Masa I sampai TGIF , Balkish & Fifi tak sampai lagi......order dulu.....

Salt & pepper........Peace!

By the time food sampai.......Balkish & Fifi pun sampai......makan-makan sambil borak-borak. It was so good to see them.

Kak Aida pun datang atas jemputan organizer kita , Intan. Walaupun Kak Aida ni senior kat sekolah but dia kenal sangat dengan Balkish & Fifi.

My serious talk with Kak Aida was being captured.

Balkish aka Baby to us all. Now Aunty Baby to Yna.

Balkish & Fifi

Me & my sister , Aida........ada Rima , ada Aida. Boleh kata most St. Marians tahu that we're very close.

Dulu masa I aktif menyanyi & berlakon , Kak Aida pernah back-up I menyanyi & menari. Ada sekali tu kitaorang perform kat funfair sampai tersangkut-sangkut kasut tinggi Kak Aida kat lantai papan stage....hehehe! Time tu I nyanyi lagu Kuda Hitam tapi I tak sedar yang 'kuda' I tersangkut tak boleh bergerak kat belakang I.......hahaha!

I also introduced Kak Aida to film director Mak Nani. Then Mak ambil Kak Aida berlakon dalam satu telefilm dengan I. It's one of my favourite work , the remake of Lela Manja. Dalam telefilm ni we used the original script yang Bat Latif & Normadiah guna dulu. Masa tu the original filem Lela Manja , Abah *Jamil Sulong* yang direct. Best sangat shooting telefilm Lagenda Lela Manja ni. Dalam telefilm ni I pegang watak Lela & Tam Suhaimi pegang watak Manja. Kak Aida pulak pegang watak pembantu as Mawar. Tu lah sikit al-kisah tentang keakraban perhubungan antara me & Kak Aida. I love you sis.

King bawak kawan dia Lenny. Yang bertudung 2 orang ni is Froggie & Zahan.

Left : Me-Aida-Ave. Right : Intan-Rima-Aida

Semua yang datang malam ni pakai something pink coz Balkish requested for it as she supported the breast cancer campaign.

Malam makin lewat.........otak kite-kite makin miong......

Kak Aida......berposing non-stop with her St Marian sisters.

Now hand-phone time......exchanging phone miss call I & I miss call you aaa.....

Nak bangun ambil group photo......but before that........Cheese!

Balkish brought a personal cameraman along with her to take photos of us that night.

All the happy faces that nite.......

Some friends left and later that nite Khai *in black sebelah Aida* came to join us.

I got home almost 1am........MP belum tidur & he didn't speak to me. Dia marah ke? Entah.......selalunya dari bawah lagi I dah boleh dengar dia pop-pet pop-pet kat Yna but not tonight.......silence. Good.

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