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Monday, December 27, 2010

BBB3 Moving To BBB4

Dunno why since last nite the left sidebar of BBB3 went dropping down and all gadgets added are not working and am not able to move it around in the layout! not my cuppa tea. Guna Mozilla Firefox my layout jadi cam lahenet je.......bukak dengan IE OK pulak. Lantak lah walaupun sakit hati & mata. Dah tak reti nak edit-edit html ni.....nak buat macam mana. Am just not gonna be so berani to explore things that I truly don't know. Let it be , let it be......but with a big cry lorrrrrrr.......uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Thousand apologies coz I have to move & continue trashing my thoughts in a new blog. Reason sama macam yang photo space dah fully used for BBB3. I can still write here tapi with no pics laa. Hmmmm.......I don't loike.

Semalam dah transfer semua pics yang dalam draft.........banyak sekali. Yang long overdue lebih 10 posts! Aaarrrghhhhhh.........Am determined to finish up my overdue posts no matter what coz I wanna be able to remember them when I look through it in future.

SO.....if anyone are still interested to read my ramblings & mumblings , sila-sila kan. You are most welcome. Only thing I hope is for all out there to respect my space here........

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  1. sure i follow...dari BBB1-BBB2-BBB3....yg blog secret2 tu x invite me lg pun...

  2. Kak Rima...nape lama tk update Blog..rindu lah..