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Monday, December 27, 2010

BBB3 Moving To BBB4

Dunno why since last nite the left sidebar of BBB3 went dropping down and all gadgets added are not working and am not able to move it around in the layout! not my cuppa tea. Guna Mozilla Firefox my layout jadi cam lahenet je.......bukak dengan IE OK pulak. Lantak lah walaupun sakit hati & mata. Dah tak reti nak edit-edit html ni.....nak buat macam mana. Am just not gonna be so berani to explore things that I truly don't know. Let it be , let it be......but with a big cry lorrrrrrr.......uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Thousand apologies coz I have to move & continue trashing my thoughts in a new blog. Reason sama macam yang photo space dah fully used for BBB3. I can still write here tapi with no pics laa. Hmmmm.......I don't loike.

Semalam dah transfer semua pics yang dalam draft.........banyak sekali. Yang long overdue lebih 10 posts! Aaarrrghhhhhh.........Am determined to finish up my overdue posts no matter what coz I wanna be able to remember them when I look through it in future.

SO.....if anyone are still interested to read my ramblings & mumblings , sila-sila kan. You are most welcome. Only thing I hope is for all out there to respect my space here........

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xmas Time , My Time

Spent this years' Christmas by indulging myself with great Xmas movies & delicious Xmas cooking shows on TV. Also took the opportunity to embrace the peaceful spirit of Xmas & the joyous and jolly mood of Xmas plus not missing out on admiring the beautifully decorated Xmas trees , lights & ornaments. Ahhhhhhh........simply awesome. Wish I was elsewhere in the 'Orang Putih' country to fully enjoy my favourite time of the year.....macam dulu-dulu aka zaman belum kahwin & zaman belum kenal MP. Hmmmmmmm.......Kalau dulu , time-time end of the year macam ni dah terbang entah ke benua mana........hehehe!

Tu laa.....God is great , dulu dosa pahala tak ingat,,,,,nasib baik tak terjebak lukis tatoo kat badan je......owh,,,,one more I never did try to smoke.....tak pernah teringin nak cuba pun. Alhamdulillah , Dia lindungkan myself dari gejala hisap rokok walaupun masa I leka. Thank You , Thank You , Thank You. Sekarang kena 'kurung' , kena tahan nafsu......Thank You Allah for steering me back closer to You , kalau Allah masih biar-kan I hidup macam dulu , entah apa jadi I sekarang ni. Tak mustahil murtad. Na'uzubillah. I even questioned what's stated in the Al-Quran to my parents , debated with them pasal hukum agama coz to me at that time , certain things in the Al-Quran doesn't make sense to my idiot young mind. Bodoh. Tu yang Mama & Papa paling takut sekali coz I was very lost when I was in my twenties..........Masa tu Mama ada cakap yang dia doa that I bertemu jodoh dengan orang alim or ustaz....hehehe! She was so terrified. Very terrified. *Keep on praying Ma.....*

So with all the Xmas fuss,,,,,here I am , one Muslim going nuts during Xmas time.....SO???? Sue me laa......... No worries , am very much an Islam at heart and I only adore looking at beautiful & creative things. I love to see salji yang putih bersih covering every corners of the earth.........peaceful rasanya *walaupun dunia ni tak peaceful sepenuhnya* , but something to channel my thoughts & hopes to see world peace , world peace , world peace..........*walaupon...*

So this Xmas , me & family headed to Tony Roma's together with my reluctant partner for a ribs lunch.....hehehe! Sebenarnya nak ke Parkson sebab nak belikan beg sekolah since dah ke Pavi , Yna terus cakap kat MP yang dia nak makan kat Tony Roma's. Hari ni mood MP baik giler der.....walaupun dia kureng suka western food. He obliged to kehendak Yna......Yay! *and mine too.....huhuhu!*

We had a great Xmas lunch with the to die for ribs plus 2 servings of Kickin' Shrimp. My kids loved them......Adriel dah pandai makan.....order 1 tak cukup,,,,,,,order lagi satu.....there goes more or less 45 bucks just for salad udang served in martini glasses......

After lunch I told MP that I wanna go see the Xmas decors around Pavi.....cantek.

Gorgeous ornaments......

Fake poinsettias........fake pun fake lah......nak buat macam mana dah tak de bunga betul.

Adriel.....buat Peace sign....

Oh NOOOO! Adriel nampak BALL besar,,,,,,,,,,,dia gasak goncang-goncang bell besar tu.....

Hmmmm......MP tak nak tunggu sampai malam. Kalau malam ada snow turun.....

A promise I made to Yna,,,,,adik dia dah besar sikit , we'll travel.

Ais-ais tipu yang cantik.....

Nak je rasa gantung-kan ketupat - batang lemang - pelita yang bling-bling kat pokok ni......heeeeeeee......time Xmas bukan main decor kat Malaysia ni. Time raya,,,,,,,,,hmmmmm......balik-balik benda sama.

We went inside to enjoy the Xmas decor.....and my son tertarik dengan bola-bola yang bergantungan itu.........payah jugak laa nak pujuk dia to let go of the balls......

A note for me : Everything went well until lagi 5 minit nak sampai rumah. Kak Siti called telling that I have to go to Putrajaya bila naik kerja,,,,,,,,,somebody blew up.........Hahhhhhh.......somebody is really not happy with me being busy with work lately. Me working is taking its toll on me but too not turning back. No way.Facing whatever comes with big A with me all the time.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Studio : Vocalwealth Networks Turns 1 Today!

Today , 21st December partnership with Kak Siti genap 1 tahun. Dah setahun bukak studio. Alhamdulillah. Last week dah sign contract untuk sambung sewa studio for next year. Insya'allah next year we'll be a bit more busy with the studio. A lot of projects in our minds........moga-moga tercapai yang dihajat , Amin.

A note for me : 2012 in my mind *wink*

Monday, December 20, 2010

My Girlfriends Came Back Home!

In November 2 of my girlfriends Balkish & Fifi came back to KL. I have not seen them for over 20 years. Since after school. Ni baru dapat jumpa balik.

Balkish balik sini for a short holiday. She's staying in Melbourne , Australia now with her family. Siblings & family members masih ramai lagi kat KL ni. She's still the Balkish I know. Fun & witty as ever. We were classmates masa form 1 & form 2.

Fifi pulak balik sini for good after living for years in Indonesia & Singapore. Masih jugak macam Fifi yang I kenal dulu , tak de yang berubah.........very blur *at times.....hehehe!* but a caring person.

Speedo speedo post....hehehe!

I was supposed to cook Sambal Udang Petai for this potluck lunch held at my girlfriends' house Intan. But when I got to know that Yna kena menari kat Sri Pentas I had to withdraw. At first I told Intan that I can't make it to the lunch gathering.

Intan asked me to come anyway........tak bawak food pun tak pe , just come over lepas live telecast kat Sri Pentas........Insya'allah.

Habis je kerja kat TV3 , told MP that I nak singgah rumah my friend kejap. Hantar MP balik dulu then I pun pergi rumah Intan to join the potluck party........Yes!

That's Fifi on the phone......and no , am not angry with her......hehehe!

Walaupun I datang bawak perut je.......but I got this pretty towel for my friends........

Lepas makan-makan,,,,,,,sambung makan-makan lagi kat luar. In the left pic *in white* is Balkish.

Chocolate brownies ni Balkish buat.......

Happy friends,,,,,,,,happy faces........

One of the nites before the above potluck lunch , I went out with my girlfriends to TGIF Wangsa Walk to welcome home my girlfriends Balkish & Fifi. MP memang laa tak suka I keluar malam but tonite I have a reason to ask him for a permission to go out. Told MP that I have not seen these 2 friends of mine for more than 20 years.......well , MP's not that cruel after all....hahaha! I remembered that this gathering was a day after I came back from Kota Bharu *Hmmmm.......doh lame dok dale drah*......To make MP tak fikir yang bukan-bukan bila I keluar malam , I took Yna with me......

Masa I sampai TGIF , Balkish & Fifi tak sampai lagi......order dulu.....

Salt & pepper........Peace!

By the time food sampai.......Balkish & Fifi pun sampai......makan-makan sambil borak-borak. It was so good to see them.

Kak Aida pun datang atas jemputan organizer kita , Intan. Walaupun Kak Aida ni senior kat sekolah but dia kenal sangat dengan Balkish & Fifi.

My serious talk with Kak Aida was being captured.

Balkish aka Baby to us all. Now Aunty Baby to Yna.

Balkish & Fifi

Me & my sister , Aida........ada Rima , ada Aida. Boleh kata most St. Marians tahu that we're very close.

Dulu masa I aktif menyanyi & berlakon , Kak Aida pernah back-up I menyanyi & menari. Ada sekali tu kitaorang perform kat funfair sampai tersangkut-sangkut kasut tinggi Kak Aida kat lantai papan stage....hehehe! Time tu I nyanyi lagu Kuda Hitam tapi I tak sedar yang 'kuda' I tersangkut tak boleh bergerak kat belakang I.......hahaha!

I also introduced Kak Aida to film director Mak Nani. Then Mak ambil Kak Aida berlakon dalam satu telefilm dengan I. It's one of my favourite work , the remake of Lela Manja. Dalam telefilm ni we used the original script yang Bat Latif & Normadiah guna dulu. Masa tu the original filem Lela Manja , Abah *Jamil Sulong* yang direct. Best sangat shooting telefilm Lagenda Lela Manja ni. Dalam telefilm ni I pegang watak Lela & Tam Suhaimi pegang watak Manja. Kak Aida pulak pegang watak pembantu as Mawar. Tu lah sikit al-kisah tentang keakraban perhubungan antara me & Kak Aida. I love you sis.

King bawak kawan dia Lenny. Yang bertudung 2 orang ni is Froggie & Zahan.

Left : Me-Aida-Ave. Right : Intan-Rima-Aida

Semua yang datang malam ni pakai something pink coz Balkish requested for it as she supported the breast cancer campaign.

Malam makin lewat.........otak kite-kite makin miong......

Kak Aida......berposing non-stop with her St Marian sisters.

Now hand-phone time......exchanging phone miss call I & I miss call you aaa.....

Nak bangun ambil group photo......but before that........Cheese!

Balkish brought a personal cameraman along with her to take photos of us that night.

All the happy faces that nite.......

Some friends left and later that nite Khai *in black sebelah Aida* came to join us.

I got home almost 1am........MP belum tidur & he didn't speak to me. Dia marah ke? Entah.......selalunya dari bawah lagi I dah boleh dengar dia pop-pet pop-pet kat Yna but not tonight.......silence. Good.