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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vocal - NOSS

Hari ni kena pergi Bangi. Ada Vocal NOSS presentation. Those yang tak tahu what NOSS stands for National Occupational Skills Standard. It is a document (acknowledge by the Malaysian government) that determines the skill standard which has to be acquired by a skilled worker for all sectors of industries. In my case I have to plan the structure & develop a NOSS for Singer. Me & Cikgu Siti Hajar have been cracking our heads to develop this NOSS for few months. It will be use as guideline for singers/singer wannabes in the country and when this NOSS is approve by Ministry Of Human Resources , there will be a certificate or diploma program offered by the ministry. Singers will have to undergo vocal training & learning process according to syllabus prepared for the duration of 6 months or 1 year or 2 years-----that has not been decided yet. All singers yang menyertai cert or diploma program ni will be given an acknowledgment by the ministry. Meaning those yang graduate dari program ni are certified singers. Kira macam tenaga mahir penting sebab tak kira lah penyanyi no 1 ke , nombor 2 ke,,,,,wa-i-mah penyanyi nombor 100 dalam negara sekalipun,,,,,,bilangan penyanyi yang mampu baca nota muzik dan yang punya ilmu vokal boleh dikira dengan jari.

Selama ni kita tak ambil pusing tentang penyanyi. Ramai masih pandang rendah pada kerjaya sebagai seorang penyanyi sebab it is too easy to become a singer here in Malaysia. What we are doing now is to letak-kan kerjaya penyanyi sebaris dengan skilled workers yang lain. Kalau guru perlu ada sijil mengajar untuk mengajar,,,,,,doctors mesti obtain their doctorate to run a practice,,,,,,,diharap-kan dengan NOSS & program sebegini dapat menaik-kan taraf penyanyi di Malaysia. Walaupunnnnnnnnnnn.......mesti ramai yang ngok-ngek , ngok-ngek on the effort but something must be done to change the industry.

We're discussing of doing a twinning program with Australia or UK or India or mana-mana lah. I'm sure if we look on the bright side,,,,,,,it will be beneficial for the singers yang enroll dalam program ni and also it can be a stepping stone for us to penetrate our talents ke negara luar. They'll be exposed to lots of career related platforms. Hopefully our ministry dapat execute this idea and make the certs or diplomas obtained from the ministry diiktiraf kat overseas. Hahhhhhh......tinggi sungguh harapan nak tengok educated & knowledgeable singers in Malaysia.

The NOSS copy yang Kak Siti & me dah develop-kan.

Sessi presentation depan officials from Kementerian Sumber Manusia & panel penilai antaranya Professor Hanafi Mohd Imam.

.....and the session went on from 9:30am to 1pm. Conclusion? As suggested by Prof Hanafi , we have to do some minor just minor amendment to our NOSS. Alhamdulillah. Mostly yang Prof Hanafi tegur is the choice of words used. He wanted it to be more 'musical',,,,,,,which we have earlier used but being advised to change by the facilitators yang menyedia-kan NOSS ni dengan alasan they will have to follow template yang kementerian bagi in preparing each NOSS. That day , we've agreed that NOSS Singer ni is a special case....sebab banyak faktor subjective so proper music terms must be used. Great. Back to what we did before. Prof Hanafi was happy with what we've develop. Cerah lah harapan untuk NOSS ni diluluskan :-)

Hari ni satu hari keluar dengan Kak Siti. Lepas NOSS presentation , we have to teach kat UniTAR in Sunway. From Bangi all the way to Sunway pulak. It's for their 2 days to come.

They'll be singing a medley of songs by Sudirman.

Ikhmal *guy in black* dah buat all the harmony lines for all 3 songs yang depa nak nyanyi except for 1 lagu , Warisan. I love the song. Lagu ni I kena ajar sebab Kak Siti tak nak emphasize on harmony but more on counter attack & echo instead. Hmmmm......semalam lepas hantar Yna & sementara tunggu Yna habis kelas mengaji,,,,,,I buat the vocal arrangements. Record-kan dalam my handphone.......selamat.

Kak Siti suka the counter lines yang I buat & the vocalists pun boleh nyanyi-kan the lines. Roger. Hari ni midnight baru sampai rumah. Esok final rehearsal kat PICC in Putrajaya.

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