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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Makan Je......

I have 3 important birthdays in November. Birthday Mama - Yna & brother Ramos. Hari ni 6 November my mom turns 61! much I want to do for her , only God knows. She had done so much for me. She sacrificed her time for me. She helped me find my career path. She supported me throughout the years. She stood by me when no one did. She trusted me wholeheartedly. She loved me unconditionally. She understood me when everyone else was clueless. She listened to me when I needed someone to trash my anger. She blessed me with her pure blessings in anything that I would wanna do. She prayed for me everyday without fail........what more do I want from her........she gave her all to me. The dream of happiness that I was constantly talking about? Yes , I did share my hopes & dreams with her. She fully understood and said OK to my crazy fantasy.

I wish that I can repay all of her kindness towards me which I know I can't and it will never be at par compared to what she had given me.......Love is not enough to describe how I feel towards her , it's more than love. I want her to be around till the day I die coz I can't imagine living & leading this life without her. I hope that God will spare more years for me to be with my mother.......Happy birthday Ma.

Adriel with his 'Bol' kat rumah atuk & nenek........

Took my parents for an ikan bakar lunch today at Sekinchan Ikan Bakar , Setiawangsa. Birthday lunch for Mama actually.

Kali ni makan kat sini ada set back sikit. We ordered the usual , nasi lemak - nasi putih - ulam - pari - kerapu - sotong - udang. Cuma kali ni order lala sikit. Everything went well at first but when the prawns came.......tu I ada bengang sikit. I took 8 large white prawns. Cost about RM60. Harga tu tak kisah laa , dah nak makan,,,,,bayar je laa but I specifically told them to just grill it plain and not to put any sambal on it as my toddler will be eating it.

Bila udang-udang tu sampai *say like almost nasi & lauk-lauk lain dah nak habis* , udang tu bersambal. I suruh MP reject sebab I dah cakap tak nak sambal , just bakar kosong. OK depa ambil balik. Later it came back , I suruh MP reject jugak & MP dah mula nak marah I. But when I told him to take a look at the prawns......still ada kesan sambal. What they did was just to rinse off the sambal and grill the prawns back. Naturally masih melekat minyak sambal & ada rasa pedas kat udang-udang tu. Macam mana Adriel nak makan. Kalau murah , tak pe mahal. Felt cheated. Bila I dah explain , baru MP OK......he felt the same too. Too much laa buat orang macam tu. They took it back & gave us another set of prawns......tapi I tengok size udang-udang tu tak sebesar yang I ambil *even kalau dah kecut sebab dibakar......still that wasn't par with size of prawns that I took earlier.....harga still remains the same*. Rasa bodoh jugak coz we have to pay so much tapi malas I nak query or bikin kecoh for the 3rd time pasal udang. I know MP , kalau I provoke dia,,,,,,mesti kes udang ni jadi besar tapi kalau tak bising,,,,,,customer kena tipu bulat-bulat.

Guess it will be a while for us to come back and dine here. Taken aback by the , we weren't happy with the bill that day , it was seriously overpriced.....we don't mind paying as we are serious seafood eaters but this time it was too much. Dulu me & MP used to go to for ikan bakar kat Bellamy *behind Istana Negara* but since Yna was born , we stopped going there. Not child & baby friendly.....

One of the nites......craved for satay! MP ada meeting malam ni so 30 cucuk for me & the kids.

No worries.....boleh makan satay cam susuk....hehehe!

Hari ni lunch kat luar. Makan bubur nasi. Ada kelas kat studio hari ni , tu yang singgah makan kat sini sebab it's nearby my parent's place & the studio.

Besides bubur nasi , kat sini ada food lain nasi goreng & etc. I ordered Nasi Goreng Cina for Adik Mok.

Plain rice congee.....

Ni lauk yang mesti order......Oyster Mushrooms & Taugeh....semua masakan will be cooked guna tauchu & oyster sauce. Perhaps you can request masak cara lain which I never did try. Dari tahun 90'an dulu I makan bubur nasi kat kedai ni.....macam ni lah masakannya.

Some fried ikan bilis & kacang goreng with some sweet slices of fish.......

Salted eggs & telur dadar.......

....and this one......raw udang kering with lime juice + sugar + cili padi + bawang!

Masakan memang tak pedas but this cili padi in soy sauce is sufficient enough for me.

My way of eating the congee.......sedap.......letak kuah tauchu & sikit air asam limau from the udang kering dish....ahhhh........marvelous!

A note for me : Happy 37th Birthday to my brother Ramos. Love you to death.....
Another one coming next week!

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