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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

November 28th 2010

Yna turns 9 today!

I've been so so busy lately especially this week. Memang tak sempat nak update my blog ni. Post Kota Bharu pun tak story mory lagi. Online pun dah lewat malam lepas balik dari class & other chores.......itu pun untuk check email & tengok inbox kat FB. Memang tak spend banyak masa nak add new FB friends or main games kat FB.........habis laa kebun & cafe ku itu.....huhuhu!

Am off to PD tomorrow for 3 days , taking Yna for another birthday treat. All on me........forked out my savings to lavish my angel with this surprise which I know she'll love........

Am so glad that I can do this for Yna with duit I kerja tahun ni.......Alhamdulillah.

MP kata apa? far dia tak kata apa-apa , cuma I mintak dia ambil time off to drive us all to PD.

Hopefully kat PD nanti dapat online...........

Nak tidur dulu,,,,,,esok nak pergi , belum pack lagi. Alahhh....esok je lah. Nite peeps!

A note for me : I hope you know how much I love you *wink*

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