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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dumb Cooking : Monday Lunch

Am not going anywhere today. I wanna cook. I wanna spend time with the kids. I wanna sleep but too bad that sleep has to wait :-( Ma lil son's not givin' me any justice durin' the day......

Making Asam Pedas Daging today. Took out my frozen beef pop 'em straight into the microwave. Set it on High for about 5-6 minutes , it came out half cooked. Great , tak payah rebus.

My dumb & dumber way of preparing my beef asam goes everything into the pot. My favourite asam pedas paste + serai + asam jawa + chili paste + daun limau purut + daun kesom + water & heat on. Haahhh....don't you just love cooking! hehehe!

Leave it to a boil then add the beef.....salt & sugar to taste at this point.....more water for the gravy if you wish......let it mendidih for another round.

Am not adding any terung or bendi coz am cooking a veggie dish after this & I want MP to eat it. Kalau ada bendi kat dalam asam pedas ni , nanti dia tak cuit sayur yang I masak. I just add some sweet cherry tomatoes for some extra sweet tangy taste.


This is for Yna. Dia suka telur ikan goreng. Next am frying some telur ikan & ikan merah cuts. Adriel can eat this with rice. Tak de yang extra ordinary,,,,,just gaul-kan dengan garam & serbuk kunyit je.

Cuma bila semua dah selesai digoreng , I quickly fry some an accompaniment for my telur ikan....hehehe!

Lama tak makan bitter-melon. So am cooking some today with prawns & eggs. MP has to eat this as he is on his diabetes medication. MP has to take care of his sugar intake as a precaution. His late mother & older brother has diabetes so MP's taking all the early precautions he can.

Here's how I cook it......fry some shallots + chop garlic & chili paste till fragrant.

Then in goes the prawns.......

When prawn's cooked,,,,,in goes the bitter-melon.......give it a quick stir fry.....

Then crack 2 eggs in the wok.......and fold everything together.

There you go......

Lunch today.

And yeaaaah,,,,,,my desert. Strawberries with heavy cream & sugar.


  1. simple tapi sume sedap2...suka tgk akak rima masak..sume jadi senang...

  2. hi kak rima,

    im 1 of ur silent readers..i luv reading ur blog especially bout ur cooking etc..i was wondering, how did u make d bitter melon less bitter? any tips? i've tried soaking it in salt water but to no's still too bitter..i hope u can share some of cooking tips :) thanks!