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Friday, October 1, 2010

TQ Peeps......

Hey , thank you so much for all the support & advice & well wishes given to me in reference to my anniversary post......I know that I'm not alone with such a partner but many kept to themselves.

I'm sharing my story firstly for my inner peace.

When I started this blog of mine , I write for my self comfort & self therapy coz I don't want to go to a shrink!

So if there's any young wives , new mothers or soon to be bride reading the ups & downs in my marriage through this blog , as I always reminded you readers........I'm not perfect. I made mistakes too.

Take the good from what I wrote and discard the unpleasant ones.

Perhaps you will have some picture of what marriage life can turn out to be as it aged.

Hope yours will not turn out to be like mine............Insya'allah. BUT if it does , you'll at least know what to do......huhuhu!

I've passed 1 decade being married to MP. We've heard marriages collapse after 30 or 40 years together. We've heard couples being divorced when they turn 'warga emas'. I've witnessed a close family member who went out for lunch with her girlfriends and came home only to know that she was being divorced by her husband that she last saw the very same morning. Without warning she lost everything! That's so tragic. That incident was a wake-up call for me. I've come to a point that I have to prepare myself for the worst. I don't know how my marriage will be tomorrow. How long will I have this super duper patience.........I don't know. How long will I survive as Mrs MP , only God knows.

On that note.........I'll keep on praying,,,,,,asking for that change.......that better change. Amin.


  1. rima, u concern sgt pasal "halal" sign, but u tegamak keji ur own husband. halal ke tu dek? u tau kan betape teruk and besar nye dosa u dok caci maki ur husband. tak kire lah buruk cemane pun, tp mmg keji sgt perangai u. malu la sket beb dok pukul canang and caci maki laki sendiri. imagine kalau laki u tau pasal nih? harus nye kene bantai kot. u tu dah lah takde keje and mengahrap only duit laki u, so kene la jage jage sket beb

    -miss sari -

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Miss Sari - TQ for your concern of my marriage. Thank your lucky star for having a good & perfect relationship. I never asked you to read my blog & my story. Kalau my laki tahu & bantai I ke.....itu hak dia & I will still write about it in my blog. It is non of your concern if I kena bantai or kena pukul or kena cerai sekali pun. Your definition of 'maki'? Yang I faham kalau maki ni guna those fucking bad pukimak babi jantan sial.....those kind of words....I don't use those vocabs.

    You take care of your husband and mind my husband & me.

    And please get your facts right. I am working now as I have a studio to run. I makan or not pun bukan masalah you. I bergantung kat duit siapa pun bukan masaalah you. I have my sources to live , insya'allah.

    In search of halal food has nothing to do with relationships sis.

    Again , tq for sharing your thoughts but if I've sinned or not,,,,,YOU have no say as it is not your call dear sister. Just take care of your own partner & let me handle mine.

    God bless your niat.

  4. Next time, kalu tak suka, jgn baca! Don't ever enter sekalipun. One more thing, jgn just baca 1 post and u made ur own assumption. Nama pun Big But Beautiful 3 so berlambak lagi citer2 yg u tak tau. As for me, tu bkn caci-maki. Just meluahkan apa yg terbuku di hati. As Kak Rima said, "Thank your lucky star for having a GOOD & PERFECT relationship".
    Bersyukur la yours not like Kak Rima's but beringat sikit... Langit tak selamanya cerah...