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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Towards End Of Syawal - Part 2

Ahhhhhhh.......ada lagi yang tertinggal........this was last Tuesday , 5th family came to the house for lunch. Mama beli lauk & I masak nasi. Actually my dad datang rumah ada hajat. Dia nak ajak I balik Kelantan for this coming Raya Haji. Dah lama tak balik Kelantan. 4 tahun ada rasanya tak balik sana. My brother dah kow-tim dengan wife dia. They're set to go. Now tinggal my turn to talk things out with MP. Hmmmmm.........I'm not gonna lie , memang ada payah sikit. NVM , yang ni I'll keep it to myself.

Syok makan ramai-ramai........

Rashidi & Ramos.......2 important man in my life. I love them to death.

Hmmmm........Mama beli Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak......yes,,,,she knows a lot about what I like and what I don't......anything I decide , I have her blessings *wink*

Kalau jadi pergi Kelantan for raya haji nanti , dari sekarang dah nak kena book bilik hotel . Mana-mana hotel kat sana will be full. I've celebrated raya haji in Kelantan twice so I know the festive atmosphere there during Eidul Adha.


Today , 8th October - Last Day Of Syawal. Morning of pre-raya gathering at my place........ingat nak start masak pagi-pagi buta lepas Yna pergi sekolah tapi my mata said no to my body. Kita tidur dulu katanya! Pukul 11 baru turun dapur. My menu for today - Laksa Johor , Kuew Teow Goreng with Prawns , Cream of Chicken Soup , Fruit Salad , Baguette for the soup , Kek Kukus Sarawak , Lepat Labu & Kek Batik Marie.

Time to re-heat my kuah laksa........meanwhile , I'm making my soup. Lets......

First , some EVOO in a pot & saute yellow onions. Then add potatoes & carrots *I used baby carrots*. Add half a cup of water......biar sampai kentang & carrots empok.

Then add mushrooms *I guna shitake & white button mushrooms* , also add chicken fillets at the same time. Add another half cup of water , black pepper & salt to taste , mix Italian herbs , a pinch of dried or fresh rosemary.

When chicken is half cooked , add 1 liter of fresh milk. Also add 2 cans of Cream of Mushroom Soup & 2 packets of Cream of Wild Mushrooms attempt to enhance the flavour & texture of my soup. Cheat people,,,,,cheat! To make it delicious , no harm right.........

There's a thickening agent in the can & packet mushroom soups , that means I do not have to add any corn starch to thicken-up my soup. So , there's a reason for the cheats.......hehehe! Some baguette for the soup.......Honestly I love serving this for my guests as it's delicious & filling. You can also pour this soup over spaghetti and it'll be an instant carbonara........hmmm.....nice!

Most of my girlfriends are coffee drinkers,,,,,,so I siap-kan a coffee station for them. Ada Nescafe. Ada Kopi O. Ada sugar & cream. Ada mug. Ada hot water. Ada sudu...........buat sendiri lah nanti. Time borak-borak lepas makan.......boleh minum-minum sambil makan dessert.

Using foam cups & girlfriend Normi's bringing 100 pieces of foam bowls! Selalunya kalau buat makan-makan kat my house Normi will end up doing the dishes. So for this gathering,,,,,,,she suggested that I use foams instead. Normi even sponsored those foam bowls. Clever girl! Thanks for the bowls babe.

Using foam bowls & plates with my pretty porcelain handle fork & spoons......Antara 2 Darjat.....hehehe!

Normi's coming in early to help me out with the Laksa Johor condiments. While waiting for her to come , I goreng kuey teow dulu. Goreng 2 bungkus dulu,,,,,,nanti later-later , goreng lagi.

My fruit salad.......Ada yellow watermelons - grapes - strawberries - canned rambutans with pineapples......added some of the syrup from the canned rambutans to my salad. Sweet!

Dessert table siap......... girlfriend Nik dropped by earlier to give some Tapai Pulut & Tapai Ubi yang mak dia buat. Tak letak kat meja lagi sebab I simpan kat kalam fridge.

All waiting for my friends to come. Memang I buat gathering ni after work....dalam 15 pax coming. Most of my girlfriends are working so hari ni happy hours kat rumah I laa.

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  1. meriahnya makanan tu.. i really enjoy reading and viewing the pics.. u memang bagus bab melayan tetamu.. i like!!

    keep up the good work!