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Friday, October 22, 2010

Long Overdue : Pantai Tanjung Bungah

Ni pun long overdue post , it's from my recent trip to Penang.

Arrghhhh......Yna loves swimming. So one of the days when we were in Penang , I took her to the beach.......

From the lobby we had to go 6 floors down *by lift of course* to get to the beach.

Aiyooo! How to swim laa.......tak nak!!!!!!! I was stung by a jellyfish in 2000 when I was swimming at a beach somewhere near Similajau National Park , Bintulu. Sakit ya amat! Dekat kelengkang pulak tu. My friends rushed me to the hospital for a jab. Because of the severe pain,,,,,hilang malu sebab kena kangkang depan muka doctor walaupun doctor yang attended me at that time was a male doctor. They told me that pouring a can of coke on the affected area would help reduce the pain.....

The beach is clean coz it's a private beach.......yang stay kat Copthorne je yang boleh mandi-manda & buat beach activity at the beach. Ramai jugak yang fishing kat sini.

Yna was afraid of the ocean currents. Don't blame her. I love the water too but I'd stay away from swimming in the seas or rivers.......too many un-identified object swimming in the water plus you can't see them.

Setakat main-main kat gigi air or kat tebing-tebing sungai tu OK lagi. Kalau saja-saja or berani-berani nak pergi mandi sungai or mandi laut,,,,,I don't think so. Tambah air laut yang warna kelabu macam ni.....mintak ampun. Kalau clear water,,,,,,perhaps I would. I hate swimming where I can't see the depth & base of the water.

It's not easy to get Yna to stand on the rock. Time ni air dah nak pasang so the current was quite strong even though we were just 20 meters away from the seashore......I know Yna was terrified but I still make her go through the tide. It's for her not to be afraid totally of the ocean........she still need to be comfortable with the ocean as she'll be taking her scuba diving license......

In my head : One day - honeymoon with ________ in Bali - walk by the beach - holding hands - followed by a romantic and passionate night. LOA. Doa. Please make it happen *wink*

Yes.....I shared that thought in my head with my daughter........she can also fill in the blanks *wink*

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