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Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Fed My Soul

Last week was quite a busy week for me. Bukan busy dengan studio but doing personal chores. Ada few things on my mind , nak order kuih , nak beli pinggan , nak hantar breakfast kat anak yatim , my paps smear appointment , nak hantar Yna for her dance practices.......

1. My mission this week nak hantar breakfast kat rumah anak yatim on Wednesday - 29 September , tak ramai just dalam 35 orang je......

2. So last Sunday I ordered my favourite Lepat Labu & on Tuesday ordered my Karipap Ayam XL.......

On Monday I pergi cari pinggan-pinggan untuk nak letak kuih-kuih yang I dah order. I found these plates @ RM3 per plate. Pretty cheap kan? It's clay lagi. Berat! Ada pokok kelapak & bulan bintang design lagi. I thought it was perfect for my breakfast presentation for the kids. I bought 50 plates. Mengkokot I dok mengangkat pinggan-pinggan ni sorang-sorang.

I woke up early today to arrange the kuih-kuih on each plates. On each plate I letak 2 Karipap Ayam XL + 1 pek Ondeh-Ondeh + 3 Lepat Labu and sent 40 plates to an orphanage. Selamat. Sampai jugak hajat.

I have balance of 10 plates..........hmmm.....hari ni I ada appointment for my paps dengan Dr. Ashar so I brought with me 4 plates to Dr. A's clinic. 1 plate for Dr. A & 3 plates for his staff. While waiting for my turn to see my doc , Dr. A dapat call from labour room...........ada patient nak beranak. He had to attend his patient while me & few other patients had to wait for him. By the time Dr. A's done at the labour room dah masuk time lunch. While Dr. A was out just now staff Dr. A dah letak-kan the kuih plate that I brought in his room.

I stayed at the clinic with Dr. A's staff during lunch break and had nasi lemak with Kak Ram. Kak Murni kasi. Tengah makan-makan & borak-borak.....Dr. A masuk klinik,,,,,his staff told him that the kuih is from me. He took the kuih plate with him and said that dia nak makan dulu lah.....Fine with me.....takkan nak cakap kat dia tak payah makan and can you do my paps dulu kot.....hehehe!

After lunch was my turn to see my favourite gynae.......yehaaaa! Dr. A said the presentation of the kuih was cantik........earlier he told Kak Murni the same would you feel when you receive a compliment from a person that you adore even if it's just a small one? I was on cloud nine coz I rarely receives compliments from a place that I should. Never a straight to the point compliments. Kalau cantik.....ya bilang aja cantik. Kalau enak......bilang aja ya enak. Kok susah banget.....Never......

Owh! Well......Back to my appointment with Dr. A....Chatted a bit about my breakfast mission to the orphanage then back to my gynecological health. Mintak tolong Dr. A tengok-kan my implanon sebab masa swimming with my kids kat Flamingo hari tu , I accidentally hit my left arm at the steel pool ladder. Terasa sakit at one end of the implanon & I tak berani nak cuit. Takut benda alah tu terbengkok ke , patah ke kat dalam my arm tu.......Bila Dr. A dah check , he said everything's OK. Talk about my period cycle & my menses yang dah 2 tahun tak muncul-muncul.....buat ultrasound scan to see if there's any cyst or etc.......I'm cleared. Then it's time for my paps.....spread your legs.....spread your legs......and in goes the speculum & spatula.......swap swap swap......done!

Kak Ram made a remark about me having more babies,,,,,,,and I gave my immediate response to the topic and we all laughed about it. Well , I'm not sure if I should say it in the presence of my male doctor but I just did. Susah Dr. A nak ketawa but he it's OK , I guess. Well , it was actually a personal information I wanted to get out of my chest anyway..........

SO,,,,,sue me laa for feeling happy today. Mission accomplished ! *wink*

Arrrggghhhhhhhhh..............time for some self indulgence! A big tub of Haagen-Dazs.............

This is for MP........Karipap Ayam XL with a mug of green tea.

Miss Fasha Sandha buat Open House hari raya kat Bora Ombak last Friday October 1st. I tak kenal Miss Fasha personally but I know her mom. Tu pun sebab Yna & adik bongsu Miss Fasha (Elisya) were dance buddies kat LJ Studio. Kat situ laa I berkenalan dengan mak Miss Fasha whom I called Mama. Fast forward , Mama called me asking if Adrenna could join Elisya & few others to perform at the Open House......I'm OK , boleh je. All in the name of friendship , fun , & I know Adrenna will be happy to do so.

So hari Rabu malam I pun hantar Yna ke rumah Miss Fasha kat Sering Ukay. The star's not in , just us mothers , the kids & Teacher Nana. They're gonna be practicing a new number.

The mums......

Around 10:00pm baru selesai practice...........

On the way home singgah warung burger.......Yna wanted a plain triple cheese burger.......I went along and ordered a triple cheese burger for our dinner. 3 pieces of beef burger with 3 slices of cheese! Both RM14.

A happy soul feeding a happy tummy.....

Align Center

This was on Thursday.........only four of them dancing....3 songs all together.

Sebelum datang tadi I pergi tapau Nasi Lepak Ciput ni kat Ukay Perdana. Tapau 30 bungkus. While waiting for the kids , we parents borak-borak sambil makan nasi lemak.

Try out dengan costume. They'll do good tomorrow , I'm sure.

A note for me : Little things lasts.......God speed the love to me.

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  1. Kak Rima.. Pinggan Kak Rima cantiklahh.. Cantik & Murah.. Beli kat mana eikk..