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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dumb Cooking : Simple Lunch

Hari ni Yna nak Kari Ayam....dia tak nak lauk tapau. So , lepas hantar dia mengaji,,,,,,I singgah Giant BA buat marketing sikit. Balik & quickly cook.

Goreng Ikan Merah for Adik Mok.

Hari ni tak nak guna instant curry paste yang I selalu guna.......nak guna rempah kari.

My dumb & dumber way,,,,,tumis spices - daun kari - chop ginger & garlic - onions + curry powder. Fry till fragrant.....

Yes,,,,add some chili powder & add some water......stir till spices masak....

Bila spices dah masak,,,,,,add tamarind paste....mix well.

In goes potatoes & carrots.....add more water & biarkan sampai semi empok.

Then in goes chicken cuts & some kaki ayam *for me*......biar sampai everything empok.

Mula tak nak letak santan,,,,,hmmm,,,,,,,NVM-lah......ending-nya letak sekotak santan & sepeket kerisik. Some salt to taste.

Lastly , I masuk-kan some sweet cherry tomatoes. Siap.

It's almost time for me to go and fetch Yna from her mengaji class......have to cook this super quick. Hehehe! Must cepat but sedap. Sedap is a must. In goes some prawns in the wok *without any oil*,,,,,peeled & un-peeled. Add 2 table spoons of my favourite instant sambal tumis paste....give it a quick stir....

Bila udang dah goes some petai. My late lunch dah siap. Now have to rush pergi ambil Yna.

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