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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dumb Cooking : Did Some Cookin' This Week.....

With many busy attending open houses towards the end of Syawal.....I've been quite busy in the kitchen cooking for my family. Well , no major cooking done.....just those simple , non time consuming but filling comfort food to feed me , my kids & MP.

I decided to try and make this simple sweet treats. I got the recipe from my Sabahan mate Rina. She said it's the original way to make Kek Batik Marie.......hey! I wouldn't know if it's the original or not but as long as it taste good and easy to do.......then it's fine with me.

I gave it a try........I've seen recipes over the net using eggs & cocoa powder & water & sugar & etc but my friend Rina's recipe only has 4 ingredients......
  • 1 small packet of Milo (200gm)
  • 1 small packet of Tiger brand of Marie biscuits
  • 1 can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 bar of Buttercup butter (250gm)

Before you start the heating & cooking prepare your baking tin or loyang or whatever container yang you nak tuangkan the cake mixture later. Do line it with aluminium foil. Senang nak potong & tak melekat-lekat kat loyang.

Also roughly break biscuits into quarters........set aside.

On low heat , melt butter. When butter's melted add sweetened condensed milk. Mix well. I like it sweet , so I used 1 whole can of it. Sweet sweet sweet.....

Then add Milo and stir vigorously till it's smooth.......

Then add biscuits to the Milo mixture........fold it till all biscuits is covered with the chocolaty wholesome goodness.........hehehe! Heat off.

Transfer the chocolate biscuit mixture to your baking tin that you've prepared earlier.......evenly spread the mixture & press 'em down firmly....

Rina didn't do this , just me being extra creative.....more of pandai-pandai....hahaha! I thought it looks prettier with marie biscuit rounds being placed over the chocolaty mixture.

I covered the mixture with aluminium foil - firmly pressed - let it sit in the fridge for few hours.

This is how it looks afterwards........

Yna loves the chocolaty bites........MP even had some........yay!

Packed some for my mom & brother.......Will definitely do it again.

I made a quick NasGor one nite. Siang tadi tapau lunch kat Al-AzMaju so I tapau-kan 2 bungkus nasi putih coz malam nak buat Nasi Goreng. Using my dumb & dumber way *and fast of course...* , mix rice with Oyster Sauce + Kicap ABC + Instant Sambal Paste *I use Kokomo as they're already cooked*........gaul rata.

In a wok.......tumis chopped garlic and then in goes prawns & fish balls.......

When prawns & fish balls are goes some french beans.......stir fry some more....

Bila sayur dah lenyor aka masak...hehehe! In goes rice mixture......mix well for few minutes.


Am cooking some spaghetti with sweet cherry tomatoes - sugar snap peas - prawns & beef breakfast strips.

In a wok.....heat EVOO with some chopped garlic & just a tea spoon of chili paste , fry till it's fragrant. Then add prawns & roughly chopped beef strips.

I added some chili flakes & salt to it......

When prawns & beef strips are cooked , in goes the veggies & spaghetti........

A bit more of quick stirring,,,,,,,,it's good to eat!

A note for me : There you go.......kalau tak masak.....memang tak masak langsung!

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  1. salam rima,

    nak tanya la...pyjama's adriel yg skeleton tu beli kat mana? wud like to get one for my nephew..geram sgt sgt tgk adriel pakai tu