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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yna's Dancing @ Miss Fasha's Event

It's Friday , October 1st 2010. Show day for Yna. Rushed to Bora Ombak after picking her up from school. Was told to be at Bora Ombak at 1pm for final rehearsal.

When we arrived Bora Ombak and no one was there yet except for Teacher Nana and her hubby.

Since I've not eaten yet , I ordered some lunch for me & Yna. I biasa-laa,,,,,kalau makan kat sini during the day,,,,,mesti order Set Nasi Dulang. Yna ordered Fish & Chips. Teacher Nana dah makan so she ordered some drinks.

2pm-ish baru start run through their dance steps. The girls belajar new dance steps / new song in just 2 days! The only set back masa rehearsal,,,,,,,,there was no in-house sound-man from Bora Ombak to attend us during the run through. So terkial-kial lah team Fasha dok mencari mana suis....mana cd player & etc....Sound pulak tak keluar through the PA system.

After run through terus pergi De Palma Hotel for make-up. I pun tukar baju kat situ sekali.

Hmmm.....dah siap for their opening dance.

Yna yang paling pendek sekali.....

The theme of the event was red or white............that's me & long time friend/make-up artiste from Sabah , Abang Rosli.

So proud of Yna......she has so much passion for dancing and already performing at an early age. When I was her age , I performed too.......but I sing *wink*

2 modern numbers from the girls......

Our table was at the back and we can't hear a thing that's going on kat depan.

Event mula 4:30pm & sepatut habis pukul 6:30pm......we got to eat quite late.......almost 6pm baru makan. They girls was hungry & thirsty........gasak laa dok makan kuih raya yang depa hidang kat atas meja ni.

Event ni was a raya open house for the "We Love Fasha Sandha FC" , Miss Fasha's family & friends. By the time guests were being invited to menjamu selera.......everyone rushed to the buffet table attacking on the satay!

Makan , makan , makan........I can't wait to go home sebab nak beat jam. Kena fetch Adik Mok kat rumah my parents lagi......

Naturally , pics with their dance teacher. What about pics with the host? Hmmmm,,,,,,,wartawan tak suruh dia bergambar dengan budak-budak ni , so dia pun tak 'teringat' laa nak bergambar dengan kengkawan adik dia ni. Tak de performance lain pun that day , except dance performances by the girls & a little girl who sang 1 song. Owh well , I don't care about the host not taking pics with the dancers. It's her choice. Ni kawan adik dia yang menari pun dia boleh buat bodoh je. No courtesy from the host herself to ask the girls to snap a pic or two with her. I couldn't careless about tiny whinny things like taking pics with stars coz am here to chaperon my daughter & I want her to get the exposure of performing.

On the other note , I'm proud of Yna.

A note for me : That's the difference between post millennium artistes & pre millennium artistes. The new stars are so poor in the PR department.

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