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Friday, September 24, 2010

A Week After Raya

By 7th Syawal......masak. Tapi masak yang simple je. Masak apa yang ada kat rumah..........

Taugeh & kucai memang semalam ada lebih dari buat goreng kuey teow , so hari ni goreng dengan ikan bilis.

Then masak sardine........kes nak kerja senang & cepat. Ada balance masak hati & udang from 1st raya hari tu , sebelum pergi Penang kept it in the freezer........hari ni , panas-kan balik :-) . Lunch siap for today.

Semalam kat Giant I bought some fruits. Bought Kiwis - strawberries & plums.......

Hmmmm.......this Australian strawberry's very big & sweet & juicy......huhuhu! I like it biggggggggggggg. Well hey.....what were you thinking ayyy,,,,, who doesn't like a big & juicy strawberry.....*wink*

Actually , I have other plans for the's for my dinner,,,,,,and anytime that I skipped meals either day or night for these few days. Making a Herbalife fruit shake with ice and all.........having the HL shake by itself can be 'jelak' at some point. So this is my attempt to make it fun a little bit. This way I can enjoy some double goodness , drinking the shake & fresh fruit at the same time.

In goes some soy milk + strawberry flavoured HL formula + fresh strawberries + ice cubes.........shake 'em!

There you go........dinner!


  1. mmmm, yum yum.. sedap.. i also like stroberi beri much.. susah tak buleh tanam sendiri.. hhihi

  2. dear,
    kalau u blend strawberry tu with your HL F1 adn F3 tuuu legikkk sedap oooo

    i selalu buat, mabeles...

    kekadang i blend dengan yogurt low fat tu.. boleh tukar-tukar perisa..eheheh

    atau i blend ngan nescafe, sedap, ala-ala capucino...

    dah berapa kg turun?? i dulu masa straigh amek HL turun almost 15kg...