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Friday, September 24, 2010

Maya Came For Raya

It's 6 Syawal , MP start kerja & my cousin Maya is coming over with her family today. Hari ni Yna cakap dia nak makan Kuey Teow Goreng........OK lah , that's what I'll serve my guests today too.

Bangun pagi I keluarkan semua 7 biji kek kukus Sarawak........for it to rest at room temperature. Nanti by the time guests datang dah senang nak potong-potong. Went to Giant to buy ingredients for my fried kuey teow.

Cooked 1 round for Yna & MP.....and when Maya said that she's on the way from my mom's place,,,,,,,I cooked another batch. Kerang dia halus benor......I remembered masa my dad dok masak kat kedai dia dulu cockles were huge! Tu yang tambah udang. Meriah sikit kuey teow goreng I.....hehehe!

Maya and family arrived slightly before Maghrib. Maya's my cousin , living in Taiping with hubby Ali & son Luqman. The only cousin that I can share views & dreams & hopes with. IWe can go crazy when left together....hahaha. Love her. And..........she lived in Kuching for more than 10 , ambil peluang klaka Srawak ngan nya lah.......

Maya & Luqman - MP with the kids.

The family........from current & previous marriage.

Hey peeps , am taking this opportunity again to wish everyone who left raya wishes for me & family at the chatbox........thank you so much , you know who you are & I love you. Unlike many others , I have a different feel & way of celebrating & embracing Eid. The culture during Eid is to visit family members & will be loud & festive of course. Can't explain why but I've always prefer a quite raya. Just with close family members. I'd like to use the time to spend quality time with immediate family members. People that's close but we seldom meet.

I wish that I can have the financial freedom *my financial freedom* to take my brother & his family for family trips during raya in future.........hahhhh........that's where the disagreement is with me & my partner. He thinks differently & I think differently. I went on many raya hols with his ENTIRE family *that's more than 15 pax per trip* for the past 10 years that we've been married........did he ever once wanna go on raya hols with my ENTIRE family *which will be 10 pax only* ? Waiting......when? Another 10 years perhaps? He can afford the hols , I know.....but he's just not game for hurts thinking of it selfish. It's OK , He can see....He can feel me.....He'll make it happen. Amin.


  1. Selamat Hari Raya...

    I know how u feel... look at it as an opportunity to make your life even better & add more colors to it.. get rid of the victim mentality and move forward.. sometimes such thinking appears subconsciously that it lead our moves and actions towards victimizing ourselves...

    Maaf Zahir Batin

  2. tetiba cam nak ngap jer udang kat char kuey teow tu...laparrrrrrrr

  3. Kak Rima, kenapa bila saya buat kuewtiaw tak jadi basah2 cam nih :( Anyway, saya rasa akak ade buat post sebelum nih kot camner buat char kuew tiaw tapi cari2 balik tak jumpe lah, leh bagi link :) Thank you!

  4. Rambutan - Selamat Raya babe......I'm OK , mentally OK , no worries. I've come to a point that I've had enough & numb. Not wanting to ask more from MP....he is what he is & I can't change a 50 year old man. Not going to anyway. As a human being , I still am hoping for a change in life. A drastic transition.....and my only weapon now is the doa.....I pray & put my faith in Him. He knows what I want...He can see & feel me , knowing that kept me going. Made me alive and YES,,,,,looking forward to the day to come.....almost there , insya'allah.

    Mummy Gee - hehehe....ngap je...

    Farina - Hmmm....maybe usage of kicap cair & kicap pekat sikit kot. Plus I use fish sauce which adds more fluid to it. Udang also will produce can always add water if you want more 'Char'/ basah to your kuew's the link