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Thursday, September 9, 2010

BBB Extra

Salam to everyone. It's Raya Eve and am gonna go do some cooking in a while........masak sorang-sorang , tau je lah.......sampai ke malam laa I'll be at the kitchen.

Tadi I browse balik my BBB Extra , a blog which I kept all my 'death row' stories from BBB2.....browse balik sebab nak tengok recipe. Then I thought.........

For this period of raya , I'll just let the blog open for public viewing........some of you mungkin dah baca posts-posts tu but I'm sure many have not........

Older readers memang dah 'kaw-tim' dengan my story line.........I know most felt for me......most faced the same issues as I did.........

So my intentions of opening this private blog during this few days during the raya period is to share my happiness , fears & sorrows with other readers , women in general.

Hope we'll learn a thing or two from other people's mishaps.

Off to the kitchen now.........and for those lucky ladies yang tak perlu memasak sehari suntuk di dapur........Iqraq.....Baca lah......hehehe! Especially to my new readers , then you'll get a clearer picture apasal yang I dok pop-pet , pop-pet about you know who.....huhuhu!

I tak buka this blog lama sangat........just for this raya period je.

If you are curious to read of past drop by......*No worries to click on the link , no nuffnang or advertisement or any of such.....* BBB Extra

See you soon peeps!

Love ,

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