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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

15th & 16th Ramadhan

Ni kes nak cuba speed up my backdated updates......mengelat lah sikit , combine 2 hari sekali.......hehehe!

Semalam MP beli BlackBerry Curve kat Tesco Ampang...........entah apa angin dia tetiba nak pakai BB. Bila dia bawak balik rumah......I yang dok belajar guna BB & configure all of its settings. MP memang al-lem-bin-bab sangat when it comes to gadget-gadget nih. Seriously lagi teruk dari I.

Hmmmm.........syok jugak pakai BB tapi am so & still very much faithful with my Nokia N95. I sayang phone I tu......Talked to Kak Siti about buying BB since baru ni memang Kak Siti kehilangan handphone dan belum berganti,,,,,,,and she agreed with the idea to get one too.

Went to Tesco Ampang with Kak Siti and bought 2 sets of BB Curve.

After getting a BB for myself , dunno why but I was so reluctant to subscribe to the BlackBerry - DiGi Internet Smart Plan. Am not so much of a phone person. I seldom make calls & I seldom send text messages too. When needed , Yes......I will. I still prefer browsing the net using a laptop. I'm using prepaid and I don't see the need of me subscribing to an additional mobile plan that I seldom used. Why I bought this new BB phone is because I needed a second phone & line for studio related calls & etc.

That's my BB cover.......hehehe!

The next day pergi Tesco Ampang lagi........buka puasa kat Warung Santai.

Nyum Nyum Nyum.......

Ni lah duty MP selalunya bila makan kat luar.......lately Adik Mok memerap dengan MP. Tak boleh laa bapak dia nak pergi mana-mana.........nak ikut & nak dekat dengan MP je. Kalau tak dapat ikut , Adik Mok will meraung semahu-mahunya. MP pulak memang tak boleh dengar budak-budak ngangis meroyan cam tu. Memang selalu laa Adik Mok kena marah dengan bapak dia. Lagi MP marah , lagi kuat Adik Mok nangis........hehehe! Memang testing MP's patience especially kalau we're outside. MP pulak kalau marah-kan Adik Mok macam dia marah-kan budak 12 tahun.....hehehe! Memang dalam tulisan bunyinya kelakar tapi in reality.........Ya Ampun!

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