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Saturday, August 28, 2010

9th Ramadhan

I've been wearing Jade for quite sometime now. My daily jewelry consists of a pair of jade earrings , jade bracelet , jade pendant & jade ring.......So far , so good.

For a change , I decided to get myself a new set of stone jewelry for my daily wear. Saja nak tukar-tukar pakai dengan jade.

This is my daily ring. By Swatch , a mix of Amethyst & Amber. I have another one with the same design consists of Blue Sapphires also from Swatch. I used it daily on my left pinkie finger & Jade ring on my right pinkie finger.

Amethyst is my birthstone and I like the tear drop shape of the dark violet gemstone.

Tear drop earrings custom made for me to match my pendant.

Now I have a set , not a complete set yet but it's OK lah....

Bulan puasa ni I suka makan nasi dengan lauk kering-kering. Yna pun sama,,,,,,,ada disagreement between me & MP when it comes to pilihan lauk-pauk for break-fast. Selalu. Malas cerita panjang. In short , kalau makan nasi kat rumah,,,,,,it will not be complete kalau tak de lauk yang berkuah. Boleh jadi gaduh........tak kuasa.

Hari ni I teringin nak makan another fav of mine , Ayam Kacang Ma. Kat rumah memang sentiasa ada herba Kacang Ma ni. I've cooked this several times too in my previous BBB blogs.......To new readers , Kacang Ma is a popular & well known herbs in Sarawak especially in Kuching. A favourite dish among the Chinese but in Sarawak , everyone loves to eat Ayam Kacag Ma.

There's a lot of ways to cook Kacang Ma but I love the dry version of it. You can steam or even bake the Ayam Kacang Ma. There's also a lot of benefits eating Kacang Ma......loads of recipes & infos on Kacang Ma on the google google......

This is my version of preparing the dish......original recipe mesti kena letak cooking wine tapi.....kena exclude le ingredient tu. In a bowl , mix together some cooking oil + chopped garlic + chopped ginger + a packet of Kacang Ma for half portion of chicken + salt + few dashes of sesame oil & honey. Yes , I used honey instead of sugar.

Not forgetting black pepper........mix well.

In goes the chicken mixture in a wok , add water & slow cook it......let it simmer....

Later later.......jadi le cam ni......Siap.

Next nak masak Kacang Bendi for MP. Ni favourite dia. Using my favourite stir fry sambal.....add some udang kering , a bit of water......tumis kejap. Then add fresh prawns......

When the udang-udang turns coral.......add lady's fingers not your fingers aaaa , kang tak pasal-pasal je ke klinik........tutup kejap......

Roger......dah boleh makan....

A note for me : Patience in Ramadhan........many untold ones. Simpan. Move forward.

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