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Monday, August 23, 2010

4th Ramadhan

Dari semalam MP was asking me if I have classes today or not. Dia nak ajak pergi beli TV. Hahhh???? tak de hujan , takde ribut....TV dok elok-elok lagi......dia nak beli yang baru. problem ke kalau dia nak beli TV baru? Jap pikir jap...........Nope. Not my problem. Katanya nak pergi tengok kat Courts & SenQ *yang kat The Mall*

Keluar rumah dari pukul dah 6pm-ish , finally MP bought his new Sony Bravia 40" LCD HDTV and a new air-cond for the master-bedroom. Kat courts tadi I dapat kecek MP beli set meja makan , hehehe! Dia bayar cash......& he expected to be delivered ASAP. That's MP.

Lepas selesai beli-beli barang , we headed to The Legend Hotel for break-fast.

At Di-Atas Brasserie waiting for waktu berbuka. Sampai je I kasi Adriel makan dulu so that nanti time buka , we can eat peacefully. Bila masa kita berbuka , kasi dia main dengan keropok-keropok or any other tidbits....

A must for me to break my fast with 3 dates.......yeah....3 dates *wink*....hehehe! Then.....I opted for some raw oysters & poached prawns......yum yum yum , my all time favourite starters!

Then......opted for some tempuras , then roasted lamb with mint sauce & 1000 island......another fav of mine.

Last but not least........shared a big plate of Bread & Butter Pudding with my daughter!

A note for me : Hahhhhhhh.......kenyang. Kekenyangan. baju budak-budak belum baju pun belum beli lagi......

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  1. baju kat my online shop je.hehe..wink wink