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Monday, August 23, 2010

2nd Ramadhan

Hari ni ada class , tapi class vocal hari ni lain sikit. Outdoor......

It was Alvin's class , he's cutting an album soon so had to go through intensive vocal training before masuk studio. Kena drill dengan Kak Siti laa.......hehehe! Hari ni stamina training......Kak Siti gasak bawak si Alvin jogging on the 2nd day of puasa. Alvin yang tak puasa pun kena tahan dahaga sebab sifu dia Muslim,,,,,hehehe!

From our studio at Galaxy Ampang , we went to Taman TAR...near KDE. Kat situ memang favourite jogging spot among the locals. We parked depan KDE. They asked me to join them for a round of jog......hohoho! NVM-lah. I'll wait right here , TQ.

I waited for them at the bus stop in front of KDE , reading. I called Kak Aida telling her that I was there. One hour later , they arrived safely. Katanya ada monyet-monyet masa diaorang lalu kat atas bukit tu. Plus.....siap nampak babi hutan lagi.......hohoho! Tak payah....nasib baik I tak ikut.

On the way nak balik studio,,,,,,,nampak cempedak goreng. Tapau , Alvin belanja. Good boy....hehehe!

Hari buka puasa kat QThai with MP & kids. Since class tadi habis 6pm-ish....MP made RSVP to break-fast kat QThai as it was near the studio. SO,,,,,,today it's steamboat break-fast for us.

This was what I took for myself!

And....a bowl of fried rice with some lala , a piece of chicken wings & a stick of fried dim sum.

Chicken Satay was being served at every table.

Ice Honey Lemon & Air Kelapa.......legaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Bila makan steamboat , we'll usually take what we want. MP ada benda yang dia suka , Yna has hers & I have mine.....Yna dah di-trained to take the amount that she wants & food selections yang dia nak.......I don't like to see food goes to waste. Who does , kan? That way , we'll eat benda yang kita ambil & yang kita suka. But I guess with a small family , senang laa nak organized macam ni. Kalau anak ramai......hmmmm......dunno lah , tak berani nak kasi pandangan coz I honestly don't know how to handle many kids at one go.

With MP , it was a quick makan session. He actually doesn't like eating buffet......dia tak suka pergi ambil makan 3-40 kali......satu , dua round & that's it. He doesn't like to hang around lama-lama........

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