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Monday, August 30, 2010

11th Ramadhan

Lupa nak post story Adik Mok jatuh kerusi. It was 2 days ago. Lepas Yna pergi sekolah , Adik Mok masih tidur lagi so I pun sambung tidur. He later woke up and played in Yna's room......he then climbed on Yna's dressing table chair and jatuh bedebuk!

He cried & cried but I didn't notice anything unusual.....I gave him some milk and he took his bottle using only 1 hand , his left. Still I didn't see anything wrong with him. He fell asleep. Later on when I was about to take off his shirt during bath time......only I noticed that he can't held up his right hand. His arm was harden. Oh! My baby boy was in pain all this hours!

I called MP and quickly took Adik Mok to the clinic.

Thank God , he's OK. Tangan dia tak patah......terseliuh je. Dr Roselinda gave us 2 days to monitor his hand movements. Kalau within the 2 days takde improvements........kena bawak dia buat X-ray.

By today......2 days later , tangan Adik Mok is getting better. Still tak boleh angat ke atas terus tapi dah boleh gerak-gerak sikit. Plan hari ni nak buka puasa kat Concorde Hotel dengan my parents so before that I ajak MP pergi check-out baju Melayu kat HQ BMO in Ampang.

Dah kat situ , belikan Adik Mok songkok for raya. Tangan kiri je yang boleh angkat......

Finally dapat beli baju Melayu raya for MP & Adik Mok........diaorang punya part dah selesai. I dengan Yna belum beli baju raya lagi.........

Done shopping for baju Melayu , terus pergi fetched my parents. Hmmmm........sampai Concorde , jadi lah satu hal.......Aiyooooo , nangis aku.

The short version of it,,,,,,,,last week MP ada buat RSVP to break-fast here. MP dah datang bayar 50% deposit as per requested. The thing is that we can't come on the date that we're supposed to come and deposit tak boleh pulang balik tapi we can come on any other day. OK Fine. MP dah informed the person in charge that we're coming on another date & that's today.

So when we came , MP's name wasn't in the list for today's break-fast! Mengarok la MP.......pelan-pelan I moved away from the RSVP counter and left MP to handle the situation his way. Malu laa I. I tahu dalam hal ni MP tak salah & kecuaian memang pada pihak hotel tapi I tak suka cara MP menangani masalah. Dia tak boleh kawal emosi , temper & segala yang sewaktu dengannya. Mesti nak tunjuk muka garang dia tu , tak boleh laa cakap baik-baik. Regardless salah siapa,,,,,,,to me , we can always cakap lembut melainkan the other party tu kurang ajar.......haaaaa......if that happens , I pun tak larang kalau dia nak naik suara. Tapi tu lah......with MP , he'll show & he wants the whole world to see what's going on. Tambah lagi , memang dia tak salah.......lagi laa sedap dia bantai budak-budak kat counter tu. That I cannot tolerate lagi. Too many repetition of incidents.......malu & tak larat. Kalau time dia mengarok tu , I pulak pergi tegur suruh dia cakap baik-baik.....selesai masalah elok-elok.......mau I yang kena jerkah dengan dia depan orang. Eeeee.....tak nak.....Sebab tu I pergi duduk jauh-jauh.......

In short , memang pihak RSVP hotel yang screwed-up. And we finally got our seats......betul-betul depa taruk kita depan TV! Sebenarnya boleh dapat tempat duduk lain tapi MP insisted nak duduk kat Smoking Area as per requested masa dia buat RSVP hari tu. SO,,,,,they had to set & squeeze another table for us kat area tu......As for MP , dia tak salah.....he pays....and he wants what he wants.......he will not settle for anything less than that. Later after 10 minutes of buka puasa.....the Supervisor came to apologize for the mishaps........hmmmm........ME? Selalu sangat jadi witness pada naik turun ego partner sendiri.

2 Roses.....and my boy playing with a kerepek....

Aktiviti sebelum berbuka.........take photo , take photo , take photo.......

So much food to eat at Concorde. I'd say one of the best food selection for break-fast.....I started with some poached prawns. Cuma hari ni tak de raw oysters. Selalunya Concorde is famous for its fresh oysters. Maybe not in Ramadhan kot.......opted for the kupang....Then I took a plate of mix veggies - steamed fish & prawns in sweet dark soy sauce.

I skipped having rice today buy had a delicious bowl of Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup. Then jumped straight to a plate of yummilicious desserts.........

Owh......I didn't stop there........shared bread & butter pudding with vanilla sauce with Yna.....hmmmm....on a big dinner plate! Habis!

My parents.............dunno what I'll do without them.

Gelang AC........Me supporting fellow Roda-Roda Kotaraya casts mate Mr AC Mizal in his business. Actually 2 weeks ago I met Mama Rina AF at Craven Cafe BA. She also happens to be MP's friend back in JB......

I've heard about the Gelang AC phenomenon for quite some time but I've never been interested to know further about it. Don't bother asking me to join any MLM business coz I memang berat mulut. Kalau join pun , I'll buy for my own consumption and that's it. I'll be your inactive down-line. Tak guna langsung.

To cut things short , Mama Rina explained briefly to me about the whole gelang AC thingy. MP dengar tapi muka beku aaa....hehehe! It has 2 packages , RM10,000 for Plan A & RM1,000 for Plan B. I showed interest coz it uses the Auto Placement System.

Told Mama Rina to skip Plan B and to tell me about Plan A. Balik rumah I talked to MP about it. But he was hesitant to join. OK fine. He asked me what if anything should happen? Nak cari siapa? Hmmmmmm.......I understand. It's a normal reaction. 10K is not small amount of money.......

2 days after that , I briefly told Kak Siti about the Gelang AC matter & I met her ex-AF student Mama Rina. Within 5 minutes , Kak Siti told me to go for it. Tak payah bagi tahu MP or her hubby about it coz diaorang for sure akan cantas the idea of investing RM10,000 in a gelang business.

So,,,,,now I've joined ACK , putting RM10,000 for its plan A. Mulanya tak nak kasi tahu MP but he's still my legal partner after all.........terpaksa cakap jugak.....kang balak lain yang datang sebab nak berahsia sangat. Janji I tak guna duit dia. Apa-apa jadi I tanggung sendiri. Kalau guna duit dia & benda tak elok jadi.......memang masak I kena. Makan tahun pun dia takkan habis cerita pasal kebodohan I tu..........tak nakkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Malam ni Mama Rina datang rumah nak kasi gelang-gelang AC tu......20 gelang. Tapi for this round I sik maok tamak. I suruh Mama Rina jual-kan the bracelets. I could have make RM20K from the bracelets if I sell them myself & make another RM18K at the end of my level 1 profit. Tapi tak pe lah.......with Mama Rina selling the bracelets on behalf of me , I'll have to share a 50-50 profit with her. Meaning RM10K profit each from the sales of bracelets......

Bila nak dapat profit level 1 yang 18K tu? I was told within 1 year........Lama tuh....Profit for level 2 is 144K and I heard there are achievers already for level 2 and ACK has just been running around for 8 months & not even a year yet. Meaning , making the 18K will not take a year , perhaps 3 -4 months but of course ACK took on the safe side by telling investors that they'll get their level 1 profit in a year and not within months.

Plan A has 5 levels which will hit profit making around RM124 Million! Wohooooo! Multi millionaire........tu yang buat MP lagi berat nak invest. He's very sceptical , what to do. Entah laa bila turn I nak kutip jackpot 124M tuh......tunggu je laa dek non. See if it hits the level 1 profit , good enough for me to get my modal balik. Let's see what happens in 3 months - 4 months - 5 months.....from now. If ACK works , I already have my own money expansion plan.........hehehe! let's see how ya.


  1. Oops lupa...
    Selamat Hari Merdeka.
    Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

  2. Salam, apologies to bother.
    So hows this bracelets bznz going on?
    Heard a lot of stories n been wondering.
    Best wishes n God bless :)