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Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Wonderful Visit.....

Saturday - 24th July 2010

Here's the update of my visit to Temerloh today.......

Am reserving some facts for me & myself only.......reason is that I've planned something else but He has some other great plans installed for me.....I hope you'll smile with me looking at these pics that I've captured during my Temerloh escapade......hahaha! If you know me , you'll feel my excitement......*wink*

Yay! Temerloh , after 22 years!

Almost there....almost there......Kebetulan hari ni memang Kak Ram *staff Dr. A* nak pergi Kuantan jengok anak dara dia yang study kat sana. Since I'm not familiar with Temerloh , Kak Ram chaperoned me for my Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak lunch in Temerloh and then baru dia pergi Kuantan dengan family dia.

The original plan was to go & makan Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak kat gerai-gerai tepi Sungai Pahang. Masa tu Dr A pun dah briefly explained to me & Kak Ram to look out for few landmarks and what nots. Lepas makan hajat hati nak tunaikan solat jamak Zohor & Asar kat Masjid Abu Bakar Temerloh dengan Kak Siti since this is the first time I jejak Temerloh lagi after so long *yup! the last time I was here was when I was 16 years old , after my uncle died......we never visited Temerloh anymore*.

After lunch & solat plan-nya nak pergi visit emak Dr A *yang baru 11 hari kematian suami* kat kampung Dr A di Kerdau. Lepas visit baru-lah Kak Ram push-off ke Kuantan , me & Kak Siti will continue with our work.

Tiba-tiba there was a change of plans. Sebelum tol Temerloh Kak Ram called me asking sama ada nak ke Bandar Temerloh for lunch terus or pergi melawat emak Dr A di Kerdau dulu. I told Kak Ram , I ikut je. Mana-mana pun OK. So Kak Ram's car headed to Kerdau first as it was nearer from the Temerloh toll exit. We followed.

Finally we arrived at rumah Dr. A.......I mean his mom's place.

Ada-lah bawak buah tangan sikit , konon for Ramadan laa ni.....memang minggu ni I was busy pergi beli kurma , kacang-kacang & manisan untuk buat my personal Ramadan gifts for family & friends , tu yang bawak tu...tapi ya alahai.....puasa lagi 2 minggu......tak sempat laa nak jamah time puasa rasanya.

Bits of this and that.......Brazil Nuts in the middle , there's mix nuts (macadamia, pecan, almond, walnut & cashew nuts) - sunflower seeds & dried fruits , assortment of dates , dried raisins - Turkish Baklava & my favourite Sujee cookies.

Entering the house.......dah semerbak satu rumah bau tempoyak......Dr A's sister tengah masak Ikan Patin Tempoyak kat dapur! It is to be sent to Dr A's home in KL today coz his wifey Tan Sri Dr Jemilah nak makan sebelum balik New York. Hmmmmm.......nyum nyum nyum........*tak pe , tak pe....kejap lagi turn I pulak pergi makan Ikan Patin Tempoyak kat tepi Sungai Pahang......saborrr....saborrrr....hehehe!*

We spent our time talking to Dr A's mummy. She's a bit thin after her encounter with an accident last January. She's recovering well. Cuma lengan dia je yang belum betul-betul baik lagi. Other than that , everything seems alright. According to her , she has no knee problems , no back pain & etc. Alhamdulillah. I saw her pics when she was at Ampang Puteri and we all agreed that she looked pretty bad. Teruk jugak luka & lebam kat kepala. But looking at her today , muka dia molek je.....tak nampak parut pun.

Asked her how did her husband pass-away and she calmly told us the story. She was so relaxed and talked about it as though her husband is not at home right now and he's coming home later......very calm , very cool , very soft spoken & very simple....* I know where Dr A got his calm nature from* She can smile & accompanied with small laughs she recalled back those last moments before her husband's death. Tak de sebak-sebak langsung. I can tell that she's one strong woman with so much religious faith in her. I can see that she fully accepted the departure of her beloved husband......beautiful.

After tuan rumah & tuan tanah was being enlightened that me coming to Temerloh is to fulfill my 2 years long cravings for Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak.......Dr A's sister Kak Imah *in white* insisted that I have a taste at her Ikan Patin Tempoyak that's still cooking on the stove. Politely cakap tak payah laa *ye laa tu tak payah....hehehe.....*......segan jugak but Kak Imah insisted that we all stay for lunch. Makan Ikan Patin Tempoyak kat rumah je and tak payah pergi tepi sungai doh......rezeki I laa.....memang langkah kanan....of all the days , hari ni kat rumah Mummy Dr. A pun masak Ikan Patin Tempoyak.....hehehe! We were quite hesitant jugak sebab the dish was being cooked for Kak Imah's SIL in KL tapi Kak Imah kata.......ada seperiuk & it's enough for everyone to have a taste. Hmmmmm........sorry ye Tan Sri.......'Datin Seri' jamah Ikan Patin Tempoyak ni dulu ye.....hehehe!

While waiting for Kak Imah to further simmer the Patin dish.......makan buah-buah dulu....dari own kebun katanya. We were being invited to stay over-nite , we were invited to go and pluck some fruits at the kebun..........Oh! My! Felt so at home.....hahhhhhhhh! Too bad , not my home :-(

Finally , our impromptu lunch is ready........

You know what........everyone in our entourage were not Patin eaters except for kawan Kak Ram , Kak Siti *ye Siti jugak name-nye...hehehe*. My Kak Siti pun tak kaki sangat Patin. Kak Ram pulak tak makan Patin langsung! Her husband & son pun can do - can do je dengan Patin. Wohoooo........they truly are good friends , sanggup ikut & bawak I yang 2 tahun mengidam Patin Temerloh sedangkan diaorang semua tak makan Patin......Thank you so much , I owe you people big time!

We had Lemak Rebung & Taugeh Kasar Goreng Kicap *katanya taugeh kasar ni favourite Arwah bapa Dr. Ashar*

Arrrrghhhhhhh........the dish that I've been dying to eat for years................Lauk Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak........using Ikan Patin which originates from Temerloh , cooked from an authentic Temerloh recipe following Dr A's moms way of preparing the dish , eating it in Temerloh......and as a bonus,,,,,,,it's home-cooked , eating with individuals who meant so much to me at my favourite doctor's home........huhuhu! What's more for me to ask? Almost perfect. This is His plannings , not mine :-) *My plan was to go for the Patin lunch kat gerai tepi Sungai Pahang , remember?* Lucky me , He gave me more than what I've asked for.......

The moment of Patin Masak Tempoyakkkk!!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Kak Imah took this photo......I tambah 3 kali! Tak de malu-malu dah. Semua yang lain dah stop makan coz depa tak kaki patin , so depa bedal lauk rebung & taugeh je plus jamah patin sikit-sikit. First round I jamah lauk taugeh & lauk rebung 2-3 suap then I belasah kepala patin dengan nasi. 2nd round tambah nasi , I habis-kan bahagian ekor patin pulak........then.......Kak Imah tanya nak makan lagi tak.....hmmm.....segan......hmmmm.....alah.....tak kuasa nak control-control ayu or nak tipu-tipu diri & berlagak suci depan orang......No way lah......that's not me. Yes! I nak makan lagi......Kak Imah said dia suka tengok I makan.....dia tanya kali ni nak bahagian ikan yang mana.....I said nak bahagian tengah pulok....hehehe! Sure the story of me eating 3 rounds of nasi with lauk ikan patin will be extended to Dr A.....hmmmm.......should I be malu about it? Entah lah......that's me and honestly , I'm not ashamed.

Lepas makan.......borak-borak kejap & then take 5. Instead of performing my solat at Masjid to perform it in a comfort of a home. Bilik siapa tu....hehehe! Jangan tanya. It's all His work , not mine *wink*.

Arwah father Dr A was a collector......I was told that he was a Penghulu by profession. Dia dapat macam-macam souvenirs from key-chains to trophies to hats & etc.......dia simpan semua nicely dalam almari ni. *This reminds me of my own dad who's also a collector......he still has his first shoes , his first RayBan.....he even has an almari perabot full of his stuff , a storeroom full of his barang-barang lama.....baik yang boleh pakai sampai yang tak boleh pakai , still my father akan simpan. Once I pernah suruh my dad buang je benda-benda yang dah tak boleh pakai kat dalam storeroom tu but he said......selagi dia hidup , dia tetap takkan buang. Kalau nak buang tunggu dia mati dulu....*

According to Dr A's mom , Dr A inherited his father's habit in collecting things and not throwing them away. Dr A's mom pulak suka collect bunga telur from all the kerja kahwin that she attended. She even showed me the bunga telur masa Dr A kahwin dulu.......warna pink lagi.....hehehe! Sweet. Kat rumah tu penuh bunga......tapi bunga telur.....unique sangat.......Hello! I pun suka house pun penuh bunga , kat kepala hari-hari pakai bunga.....dalam hati pun ada bu----nga maaa.....hehehe! We were given a brief tour around the much to tell , too long to write......the rest stays with me lah ye.....

Now it's photo time! Mana boleh tak ambik gambor weh.....

I like this one......

More shots of us.....

Kak Siti opens up to everyone that looking & talking to Dr. A's mom made she feel as if she's looking at her own mom whom passed away few years back. She's the image of how a mom should be......*Eh! Is Kak Siti talking on behalf on me......hehehe!* We ended up calling Dr. A's mom....Mak , losing the Makcik........

While we were busy snaping pics & touring the house......Kak Ram & family lepak-lepak.

Pics with Dr A's younger sister. She's a very nice & sweet lady. Sangat-sangat mera-i akan kedatangan kita-kita yang tak diundang ni.

More pics......dengan Kak Siti pulak.

Another pic of me & Kak Siti with Kak Siti....hehehe! Berapa banyak Siti daaa...

Kak Ram push-off dulu.......coz dia nak ke Kuantan.

After Kak Ram left , we headed to the back of the house.........wohoooo.......ada banyak pokok buah-buahan rupanya.

Kak Siti giving a shot , cuba nak kait rambutan......

I pulak gasak petik terus dari pokok & terus masuk mulut!

Kak Imah siap kutipkan buah jambu air yang tersangatlah banyak-nya.......then dia kait-kan rambutan lagi for us. Tak cukup dengan tu , kat depan rumah ada pokok mangga......Kak Imah nak ambil buah tu tapi kat dahan dia penuh dengan kerengge. I bilang tak payah......tapi Kak Imah ambilkan jugak......cepat-cepat me & Kak Siti tolong libas-libaskan kerengge yang merayap kat baju & tangan Kak Imah.......Alamak.....terima kasih ye Sis....

Tak balik-balik lagi perempuan-perampuan ini.....tu gamaknya kata Kak Imah dalam hati....hehehe! Lepas layan kita-kita ni , Kak Imah nak kena turun KL pergi rumah Dr A hantar-kan lauk Ikan Patin Tempoyak pada SIL dia Tan Sri Dr Jemilah.....

One last thing , before we left.......I can't help but to take a look at this old & antique barber chair. According to Kak Imah , her grandpa was a barber. Rumah ni memang macam-macam ada.....boleh buat muzium.

Cuci rambut syok jugak sebab ada head rest.......Kak Siti siap nak beli kerusi antik ni....hehehe!

Time to go.....dah salam-salam & cium-cium dengan Mak *huhuhu! jangan marah aaaa.....* , same goes with Kak Imah.....from the bottom of my heart , thank you so much for the warm welcome & the hospitality given to me & my friends today. Most of all thank you so so much for fulfilling my Patin Tempoyak cravings. Alhamdulillah.

Hahhhhhhhh.........bila laa dapat turun sini lagi........

Dalam kereta makan buah yang kita kait , best , best......

A note for me : I asked from You all the time. I kept on telling You what I want everyday without fail. You didn't give me what I wanted there & then , You made me wait to test my patience & faith towards you. I know You know that I never doubted You. I leave my fate in Your hands. I surrender my life to You. I have great faith in You. You know what.......each time when You give me what I've asked from felt so so great. Knowing that You do listen to my cries , my hopes , my wishes & my dreams. I asked from You & leave everything to You........You orchestrated it beautifully. I'm smiling. I'm dreaming. I'm on cloud nine. Thank You dear God. Amin.

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  1. wahhhh beshnyeeeee.. patu terus laparrrrr tingin la nak mkn gakkk .. tak pernah mkn ok!!.. next time nk visit temerloh lagik ajak okkk.. (aku kalu psl mkn zzzz)