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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Salam Israk Mikraj

Fasting today on Israk Mikraj , a way of me celebrating & embracing the miracle of Muhammad SAW's physical journey or ascension from the Holy Ka'abah to a special place in the Seventh Heaven.

Traveled on a Buraj from Mekah to Jerusalem then on his way to the Heavens he met & spoke to earlier prophets,,,,,Abraham , Moses & Jesus......Amazing what Allah can do. Masya'Allah.

On Muhammad SAW's Night Journey , Allah instructs Muhammad that Muslims must pray fifty times a day. Moses tells Muhammad and urges Muhammad ask for reduction and finally it is reduced to five times a day.

How can we not embrace such a night made special for our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW.........As for me , I took the opportunity to perform the solat from dawn till nite on the eve of Israk Mikraj and continued embracing Muhammad SAW's Night Journey with more prayers today. What's special is that I spend this special day with my daughter , Yna. Telling her the story of Israk Mikraj & explaining to her about the reduction of solat from 50 to only 5 times a day. Teringin sangat nak pergi dengar ceramah & solat dengan Yna kat masjid Bukit Antarabangsa ni but I have no one to take care of little Adriel for me. Owh well.......home is where it all begins......

To all of my Muslim family - friends & gentle readers.........Salam Israk Mikraj. God Bless.


  1. Rima darling, sejuk mata memandang tengok you dua beranak macam ni. Big hugs from me to both of you... sayu jer rasa, teringat kat arwah my mom.