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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Macam-Macam Story

Hello everyone! Been away from blogging for days.......ya.....I know.......lazy syndrome hits! Again....hehehe!

Lately I was too excited emotionally , too happy spiritually. Don't know how to write it down but with all mishaps happening around me......I can always feel that 'happiness' is following me. Alhamdulillah.

If you've been reading , you'll know that this is no secret......When there were miserable days , I quickly diverted my emotions & my mind to 'my other world' imaginary world that I've created over 2 years ago.......In this blissfully happy world of mine , there are characters & people whom I'd like to be & not be with in my life. I get to play the real me & feel genuinely gay with myself. I talked to myself & also to the imaginary characters around me all the time. I can transformed to my character any time. Any where. Sounds crazy but I'm already a master at it. You won't know. Hehehe! And it's fun too....... What I can't get in the real world , I'll get it in my imaginary world,,,,,,the way I wanted it to be & with the person I wanted it to be.....awesome! Say what you want but it's my way to fight gives me all the satisfaction in the world. It's a way to make me relax , calm & of course happy. It's all in my mind.......

Friday - 9th July 2010 : Little Wok @ Wangsa Walk

After I picked-up Yna from school , met Kak Aida & her kids + her sister Kak Ida & her daughter Aina for lunch. Mula ingat nak hantar Adik Mok to my parent's place tapi fikir-fikir balik , malas laa pulak nak go all the way to Ampang then drive balik ke Wangsa Maju then lepas makan drive balik ke Ampang to fetch Adriel then drive balik to Bukit Antarabangsa.........wohooooo.....berbalik-balik.......malas.

Ordering time.......Adriel mengarok tak nak duduk kat baby chair. Dia nak duduk kat kerusi. Aiyooo.......I can say that Yna was way way much easier to handle when she was a baby. No hassle......always a good baby. Unlike Adriel.......oh my.......takut I dengan mood si kecik ni.....

Cousins,,,,,,Tasha , Sara & Aina.....

Me & Kak Aida with our kids & niece.......

Yang pakai tudung pink tu Kak Ida , Kakak Kak Aida.....dia kawan Kak Siti Hajar masa sama-sama study kat ITM dulu. Kak Ida is also a vocal trainer.......lama tak dengar Kak Ida menyanyi. The last time I performed together with Kak Ida was during wedding adik Kak Aida , years back. Masa tu me , Kak Ida & few other singers performed a traditional Mandailing song conducted & arranged by Ayah aka Bapak Suhaimi Nasution *Kak Aida's dad*

With the World Cup coming to its end....and was a bit pissed off by people who actually believed that Paul the Octopus predicted victories & downfalls of Germany.....*huhuhu*......I think it's rather stupid to believe that an octopus can predict football matches in the World Cup when we know that octopus reacted to certain colours *like a bull is attracted to the colour red*.............why laa they didn't run a test on Paul by putting 2 Germany boxes in the aquarium and ask Paul to choose......duhhhh!

I ordered Fried Kuew Teow with sotong! So today am eating one of Paul's family members!

Saturday - 10th July 2010

Am fasting today on Israk Mikraj. Just before break-fast I was trying to call Sis Nita many , many , many times but I can't get hold of her. Tried sending a text message but no reply. I was so so worried about her as she was just out of hospital last Wednesday due to some intestine complications. With Sis Nita's well-being still lingering on my mind , headed to Jusco Alpha Angle to break my fast. MP wanted to go to Johnny's but I wanted to eat at Mr Teppanyaki instead. Just my luck......Mr Teppanyaki changed their menu to a much simpler one. *Of all days*....Some of what we used to order was not listed in the menu. This makes MP pissed off and kinda angry with me for still wanting to eat there. Putting salt to wound , Mr Teppanyaki only has 1 baby chair..........uwaaaaaa........more fault from me......*Ya....just coz I didn't wanna go to Johnny' Mr Teppanyaki's changing of menu & not having enough baby chair is my fault laa....Aiyooo dude.....* MP wasn't happy with A-Z at Mr Teppanyaki today *which he usually has NO problem with...duhhh!*

At home , I tried calling Sis Nita again.......and again......and again........still , failed. Tried calling another girlfriend Dalena asking her if she heard anything about my Sis Nita.......she too didn't get sms reply from Sis Nita. I was so so worried at this point as am afraid something bad might happen to her........Oh Sis.....where are you?

That night when I got out from the bathroom , checked my mobile and saw a missed call and it was from Sis Nita! Then Dalena called telling me that Sis Nita was being warded again.....Poor sista. It was rather late and I decided to try give Sis Nita a call tomorrow. Hope she's OK.

Tonite's the nite for Germany to play against Uruguay for the 3rd place position. The game's at 2:30am.....Mak oiii! Pijor le mate esok......Germany won 3-2. Hail Germany! Still the best team in World Cup 2010.

I was a bit upset coz the Germans played well in this year's World Cup but I understand that in the World Cup there's also football & money politics involved especially with the top & favourite teams. Brazil obviously can't become champion coz they will be the host in 2014. Winning in South Africa will not be as sweet as winning the World Cup on their own soil , isn't it? Argentina knew that they can't advance in the game and that's why Diego Maradona dare to vow that he'd strip naked through the center of Buenos Aires if he can guide Argentina to World Cup glory in South Africa. Germany on the other hand had to pay a high price with the international Bookies who's making tons of money during the World Cup. Germany became an instant favourites and many bets will be on Germany winning so when Germany lost.......naturally money will go straight to the Bookies! Damn!..........Damn to supporters but I'm sure the German boys or their team made big cash by saying OK for making a 'losing' deal. Hello! We're talking about multi-million dollar bets here........During the Spain - Germany game,,,,,,Germany showed no qualities that they showed in previous matches , even when they lost to Serbia. It was like watching a different German team playing in South Africa.

So the ball is round.......Germany all the way.

Sunday - 11th July 2010

I told MP that I wanna go visit Sis Nita at Ampang Puteri and will drop the kids at my parents before that. My mom later called me telling that she's coming over......great. Tak payah hantar anak-anak ke Taman Dagang. Called Sis Nita telling her that I'll be coming over and made plans to visit her with another girlfriend Dalena.

Before leaving I went to buy lunch for my family. Had to get some chores done first.......tak nak MP marah-marah. Actually last week I discovered that my new kitchen cabinet was being attacked by termites! Fast forward the domestic disagreement between me & MP regarding house maintenance matters.......I seek help from my dad , asking him to handle situation. My dad's good at taking care of the house and a brilliant handyman too.

When I got back from doing my chores , I found a dead butterfly in my tiny little garden. Poor thing. Can't help but to capture some shots of the dead butterfly..........

Done at home , terus pergi Ampang Puteri........meeting Dalena there. Had a great time talking with the girls at Sis Nita's room. Loads of laughter.........ketawa , ketawa , ketawa......we laughed at past & current stories........Lama tak ketawa sungguh-sungguh........we're free to talk about anything including our 'stress busters'........hehehe!

Early morning will be the Final World Cup : Netherlands vs Spain , supporting leaving with a half Dutch with me....hehehe! Wanted to stay up and watch the game but had to pass the finals........Macam tak larat bola mata I ni nak tengok bola malam ni......

Monday - 12th July 2010

I'm fasting today in-conjunction with the end of Rejab. I had to leave Adriel with my mom as I've promised to do Sis Nita a favour. She asked me to buy a cake for Dr Ashar to say thank you for his consultation even though this time around it was not Dr A who handles Sis Nita's case. Sending a cake to Dr A is an easy task Sis......hehehe!

I headed to Austin Chase in Wangsa Walk to get a cheese cake *Dr A's fav* but nothing caught my eyes. I then went to Secret Recipe but the cheese cake that was looking for wasn't available. Then I made my way to Secret Recipe in Tesco Ampang and Yes! they have the Caramel Cheese Cake that I'm looking for. It's my favourite cake at Secret Recipe! Earlier I called Dr A's clinic telling that I'm coming in to see Dr A for a while on behalf of my Sis Nita plus I need Dr A to prescribe me with a medication. OK , they'll slot me in.

Luckily that I got a parking spot at the basement carpark on a busy Monday at Ampang Puteri! It's not easy to get a parking spot coz most of the parking space is being reserved for doctors & staff of APSH. Ramai jugak patient kat clinic Dr A tengahari ni. Time I sampai clinic Dr A , a patient came out......and Kak Ram terus suruh I masuk dalam bilik jumpa Dr A. Tak sempat nak letak barang-barang dulu , terus masuk bilik Dr A. Tangan sebelah bawak cake , sebelah lagi I bawak beg isi one big canister full of 3in1 Nescafe *kali ni yang colour hijau* , ada paper plates , ada dessert forks & some serviettes,,,,,,in case Dr A nak makan cake kat clinic later on. Cannot complain , semua I dah sediakan. Tinggal makan je cake tu.

During my last visit , I brought one big canister full of 3in1 Nescafe *yang red colour* , memang Dr A & his staff minum benda alah ni everyday. I didn't know that the day before when Kak Ram went to buy the same 3in1 Nescafe , Dr A complaint that it wasn't as good like always. It has too much 'buih'. Ooopsss.......I dah bawak sebeban laa pulak masa tu! I told Dr A's staff to letak 2 packet for each serving and scoop the 'buih' out for him laa.......hehehe!

I gave Kak Ram the Nescafe filled bag and now finally Dr A knows that I'm the Nescafe supplier! hehehe! I'll usually come to the clinic with Nescafe or kerepek or pies or something for the staff.....Told Dr A that I got to know that he doesn't quite like the 'new' red 3in1 Nescafe as it has extra here's the rich green 3in1 Nescafe for you doc! Kaw sikit. Some Nescafe story to tell.

As for the cake , told Dr A that it was a 'Thank You' cake from Sis Nita. Before she was being admitted on Saturday , she did call Dr A to ask of his opinion whether she should check into APSH again or not. And after being consulted through the phone by Dr A , Sis Nita decided to call the doctor in-charge , Dr Koh and checked into APSH......yes again , after coming home for just couple of days. She suffered some intestine complications and had to undergo a surgery last week and now she's vomiting non-stop.......still not fully cured. Poor thing.

Told Dr A that I know he loves Cheese Cakes but since I bought the cake today , I bought my favourite Cheese Cake flavour.......Caramel Cheese Cake.....hehehe.....hope he likes it.

Then.........out of a sudden.........

Dr A asked me about my plans of going to Temerloh!

Kak Rammmmmmmmmmm!!!!!! You told him!!!!!!!! Kak Ram told Dr A that I'm making a trip end of this month with Kak Siti to Temerloh. Besides work , my mission is to get hold and indulge myself with my 2 year long craving! Sejak mengandung Adriel I mengidam nak makan Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak........nak Ikan Patin yang dari Temerloh. Mengandung or not , MP wasn't game to take me all the way to Temerloh just for an Ikan Patin lunch and then balik KL plus he doesn't like Ikan Patin.

Dr A was telling me how to get to Temerloh and to look out for a mosque and then look out for a Petronas.......and etc......kampung dia laa pulak kan.....Well , the last time I jejak Temerloh was when I was in form 4. That was like 22 years ago! At that time my uncle was staying in Temerloh and ever since he passed away , haven't been to Temerloh anymore. I've written about my Ikan Patin cravings in my other BBB blogs , can't remember which one........

Am very excited to make this Temerloh trip.......very excited. Kak Ram & Linda most probably will be joining me. Please....please...please.....

Before I leave , Kak Ram reminded me to ask Dr A about my Diflucan.......owh yeah.....terlupa.......told Dr A of my condition after the 3rd HPV jab that day. When I got home , I felt tired & very sleepy , my lengan lenguh.....a bit gatal kat tempat kena cucuk tu......and now 4 days after the jab it itches 'down there'. Hehehe! I asked Dr A if I could just take his prescription letter and buy the medicine at any pharmacy outside.......he said , yes I can. Great. Told Dr A that I malas nak tunggu lama kat pharmacy APSH. If you've been to APSH , you'll know that it took ages to wait for you to get your medication from the pharmacy. No worries , the clinic will fax the medication request for me. Nice. Meaning , I'll just have to go down & get my med. Sweet , sweet , sweet!

Met my girlfriend Liza @ MA & her girlfriend Mariam *betul kan?* while I was at the pharmacy..........borak-borak , she was there to check on her headache........later joined Kak Ram & Linda kat cafe as they were on their lunch break. I tak laa makan coz puasa......more borak-borak session.

Then I went up to visit Sis Nita............still having to carry tubes & etc around with her. Tiub yang masuk ikut lubang hidung terus ke tekak terus ke perut tu yang I tak sanggup nak tengok. Mesti sakit. When she moves , I can see yellow & greenish fluids being pumped out off her pitiful.

Lepas ambil Yna from school , I went to buy lunch for the family.......then I headed back to APSH. Teman-kan Sis Nita. Buka puasa kat bilik Sis Nita.

After berbuka I went to the studio to meet Kak Siti , Ikhmal & Bell. We discussed about coming projects & Temerloh trip. We left the studio around 9pm-ish and headed for supper @ Taman Putra Sulaiman Food Court. Tutup pulak stall Korea tu.

Hmmmm.......had sirloin steak with......I can't remember what's it called.........something strawberry.

Got home only to discover that Adriel is sick. He had a fever. Badan dia panas and he had a stomach discomfort. Purging all night. He was passing motion.....watery morning his baby butt turned red & blistered. He was crying in pain each time he poo poo......Pity baby.

Tuesday - 13th July 2010

Am fasting today , 1st day of Awal Sya'aban.

Papa & Ramos helped clean the house and clear-kan anai-anai kat dapur. Rumah memang berkecah sikit 3-4 hari ni. But thanx to Papa......dia buat semua. Ramos datang tolong hari ni kebetulan dia cuti. TQ Bro.....

I'm very grateful to have my dad & my baby brother around. Never expected anything from me in any way. I love them so much. I love them so so much.

Adriel's still not well. Demam dah reda tapi still having watery pooh. Called Dr. Nasir's clinic at Ampang Puteri asking what should I do and I was told to switch his milk to a soy base milk until he's OK. I have to run some errands today and had to leave Adriel with my mum at home. Kena pergi bayar rent studio , dah few days lewat......then meeting Kak Aida kat Melawati. Nak pergi kedai borong. I tak tahu kat mana.......nak beli barang for Yna's party packs this Friday. Selesai beli-beli barang , fetched Yna & bought lunch for my family. On the way balik , singgah 7-11 , singgah Giant............hah.....penat. Penat bawak kereta. Tak suka...tak suka...tak suka...Nak buat Mee Goreng for MP , tu yang terpaksa stop kat Giant kejap sebelum balik. Dah lama tak siol.....

Called Sis Nita , dia dah keluar hospital dah and getting better. Alhamdulillah.

Balik rumah , settle-kan party packs si Yna. Nanti tangguh-tangguh.......takut angin malas datang , terus tak buat.

Kepala pun dah tak tahu apa nak beli bila pergi kat kedai borong much to choose .....malas nak fikir lama-lama , I beli snacks yang I'm familiar with. Bought some World Cup key chains & assortment of Mentos.

Entah apa nama chocolate dalam cup tu......some marshmallows.

Some Oreo biscuits , Oreo soft cakes & mini Cloud 9's.......

Some grape drinks & Yna's fav.......seaweed.

Selamat........dah siap 18 packs for Yna & her classmates. This Friday will be last day of school for Yna. Cuti 2nd term , 3 minggu.

A note for me : This morning (Saturday -17th July) , I sent a text message to Dr. Ashar , told him that I'm sad to hear that he had just lost his dear father & my prayers are with him.........You take care dear Dr.'re wondering.........did he reply? Of course he did , thanking me for the doa :-) Al-Fatihah.

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