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Friday, July 9, 2010

Lunch With Dr A's Staff

Thursday - 8th July 2010

Hari ni sepatutnya pergi klinik Dr. A after 2pm sebab ada kelas kat studio at noon but since class was being canceled , I changed plans and went to see Dr. A before lunch time. *Obviously , My Creator wanted me to go to APSH earlier and not later in the day...hehehe! Ikut...ikut* Nasib baik masa I sampai tak ramai patient. There was just a couple in Dr. A's room and then it was my turn to see my Dr. A. Nice! As usual , it's always pleasant to see my dear Dr. A........

I was there for my last/3rd HPV Vaccination. Lega. I was told by Dr. A's staff that I can also bring Yna to see Dr. A for the very same jab when she's 9 year old. It's been aired on television talking about the vaccine for young girls. Our health ministry spoke about subsidizing HPV Vaccine so that every woman can afford to get the jab. At current the jab cost around RM1200 for all 3 jabs. Hmmmm.......just don't know how I'm gonna tell MP about it. He'll say no & say it's too early or unnecessary. That's a sure answer. Me doing my yearly paps pun he couldn't be bothered to know why am I doing it for. The 'language' or 'signal' that I received from him is........tak buat paps smear pun tak pe...... I nak dapat budget for this cervical cancer jab pun siksa. Bukan sebab dia tak mampu but he can't see what's the big fuss for me to get the jab for. Explain laa apa pun muka dia beku je. Selagi diri I ni OK , dia tak nampak I sakit sampai tak boleh bangun or berdarah or patah sana sini........then benda-benda ni semua is just remeh-temeh.

This is a man that I'm living with and I'm sure MP is not the only one of such alive , hehehe!.......very hard & tough to penetrate. This is another domestic issue that's left unresolved between us. I will usually raised up an issue , try talk it over but left with a silent closure or no assurance that he'll look into the matter or whatever......plain silent. Such remark will left me hanging......not knowing what to expect next........days pasts , weeks pasts , months pasts........even years pasts.........still no answer from my partner. Suffocated with loads of uncertainties in my daily lives. Scared.

He thinks differently & I think differently. He doesn't see what I saw or maybe I didn't see things the way he does. Whatever it is......tell me. Talk to me. Enlighten me. Maybe I'm wrong. But to just reject or disagree or 'cantas' whatever issue that arises is not the way of communicating. As for me , whatever he says *when it comes to my health issues*......I still stick to what I know & believe. I can't see what's growing & what's going on in my tummy , inside of am taking all the precautions needed to stay healthy. I have a good and reliable gynae who cares and concern of my well-being........I also have a set of good doctors to monitor my general I'm putting my health first. Tak nak nanti dah sampai critical stage baru nak seek treatment........I've seen situations of such happens. I have a friend who died of breast cancer within weeks of being admitted.....she didn't know that she had it all along.......and it was too late.

Nuff said for now. I'm not saying MP is a bad person , he has his views & reasons , I'm sure. Clearly am from a different planet & he's from another different planet. I know now that he'll never change & I really need a change of everything. MP has a mind of his own and he doesn't share information with me. I'm alright if he doesn't want to share info about work but when it comes to domestic's difficult for me to tolerate the silence. Almost 18 years of facing the same scenario , I think I've given him ample time to settle in and start sharing his thoughts but he never did. Guess he never will. Not talking is one thing. Temper , rage & anger is another thing. Hardcore egoness is another thing..........Hahhhhhhhh........I need room to breathe. So , what am I to do to keep myself sane? Channel it to doing things that will bring comfort to my heart , my mind & my soul.

OK now , back to my day at Dr. A's clinic. After my 'date' with my favourite gynae *hehehe* , I took all 3 of Dr. A's staff to lunch. Kak Ram - Kak Murni & Linda. Except for Linda , Kak Ram & Kak Murni have been working with Dr. A for over 10 years.....We went to Bora Ombak , nearest to Ampang Puteri. Just a short drive dah sampai.

All of us had the Nasi Dulang set.......selalunya tak ramai orang tapi hari ni kebetulan ada shooting pulak kat situ........service pun jadi lambat ya amat. Satu,,,,satu,,,,tunggu makanan sampai. Almost 2:35pm baru selesai makan. Dr. A tak keluar makan , dia lepak kat clinic je makan kacang kuda rebus yang Kak Ram bawak. Earlier I brought 1 big container of 3in1 Nescafe for Dr. A & his staff. It's the drink at the clinic. Clinic was supposed to be opened at 2:30pm. Linda called APSH suruh hold all incoming calls till 3pm. Dr. A pun call jugak tanya bila kita nak balik.......hehehe! Syok borak-borak sambil makan-makan ni. I was being invited to majlis cukur jambul to celebrate Linda's new baby girl in 2 weeks time. We also made plans to go to Temerloh.....For what? Tengoklah kalau jadi.......I will story you. I finally sent 3 bunga Dr. A to APSH before 3pm..........

Lepas jab Dr. A lekatkan plaster. Jab kali ni made my arm lenguh-lenguh sikit. Dah masuk 2nd day pun still terasa sakit kat tempat cucuk tu.....mana tak nya.......betul-betul masa Dr. A nak cucuk my arm , we were talking about my studio ,,,,,,then he said that he can't sing & he's a tone deaf.......hahaha.....time dia cucuk...time tu laa I was laughing......orang time cucuk , kena tarik nafas,,,,,yang I pulak bantai ketawa....rasa kan....Tapi semalam , sampai je rumah I rasa penat & mengantuk sangat-sangat. Terlelap kejap. Nasib baik sebelum terlelap tu I dah set alarm. I had to wake up and fetch Yna dari kelas mengaji.........rasa macam tak larat nak bangun. Called MP mintak tolong dia ambil Yna but he was at his project site , ada discussion. Alamak....kena laa I pergi ambil Yna.....nak kena dukung Adik Mok turun ke bawah lagi....lengan I ni dah laa lenguh sebelah........uwaaaaaaaaa........

No choice , I kena keluar jugak.......nak kena print Yna's computer project & nak kena buat binding sekali. Then kena beli dinner lagi........

On the way home........layan my favourite song in the car........

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