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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dumb Cooking : Mee Goreng

After being MIA for so long from my own kitchen.......hari ni nak buat Mee Goreng using my dumb & dumber cooking method of course. Beli semua kat Giant BA.

Garlic & chili paste in a wok with some cooking oil. Fry it till it's fragrant.......

In goes fish-balls & this point , add seasonings.......I added light soy sauce + dark soy sauce + sweet soy sauce......add some water.....coz MP suka MeeGor basah.......fry fry fry till prawns & fish-ball's half cooked......

Then in goes noodles , beansprouts & Chinese chives........mix well.......and heat off.

That's it..........insanely easy & quick.

This is my break-fast menu masa I buat puasa sunat 1 Sya'aban hari tu......Sambal Ikan , I fried some telur ikan , tempoyak & petai. Food that MP will not now you know why I made his favourite Mee Goreng today.....coz I wanna eat my favourite petai! hehehe!

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