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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dinner @ Istana Bambu

The other nite we went to check out this newly opened restaurant Istana Bambu situated along MRR2......I yang gatal suruh MP to check out this place since MP's housing project is just around the area.......Mula dia tak kuasa nak dengar & tak kuasa nak tengok pun bila I tunjuk tempat ni tapi tup-tup malam ni , dia terus drive pergi situ.

Upon arrival......semua OK.

Ada angklung , baby angklung pun ada.

My angels.....

Dining set made of bamboo. I like the bamboo baby chair , unique. After ordering , I went loitering around the restaurant. Beautiful ambiance.

There's an area where you can sit and dine. Not for MP definitely. There's few small eating houses situated around the main dining hall tapi kena duduk bersila jugak.

There's a pond in the middle of the restaurant. Too bad I had to take pics with one of MP's mobile coz my battery went dead. Piccy tak molek sangat.

Everything is made from bamboo......

Even the chandelier is made out of bamboo........cantik.

Atap nipah lagi......

A sawah padi leading to one of the small eating house that's situated near the entrance.

Comes to food.........hmmmm...........I can't praise much. We ordered Shark's Fin Soup - Beef Green Curry - Chicken & Dried Chili - Butter Prawn - Fried Asparagus - Omelette - Chinese Fried Rice - White Rice & drinks. All food in small portions. For a small portion the serving's huge. Siang ada various selections of Asam Pedas. Malam tak de Asam Pedas. Menu malam is a mix of Chinese & Thailand dishes. I love Chinese food......not up to my likings only the Butter Prawn je yang OK. MP sent back the Beef Green me , you don't want to know the story. In short , pricey. MP's not keen to come back :-(


  1. this place is so gorgeous! lovely way to dinnber, a truly experience eating inside the huts! cool!

  2. Eating shark's fin soup???? gosh!!!!!

  3. why did he return the beef green curry? i am going there tonight....