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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bakso Back To Back @ Kampung Baru

Yna told me that she wanted to eat Bakso at Kampung Baru.......that means , her Tante Aida will have to take us there coz I tak berani nak redah lorong-lorong sempit kat Kampung Baru tu. Kak Aida on the other hand grew up in Kampung Baru so she's definitely the right person to turn to if I should need anything from Kampung Baru.

The other day we made plans to eat Bakso at our favourite place , Warung Suwarno but when we arrived at 1:30pm the place was closed. Hmmmm.....2:30pm baru bukak. Kak Aida then took us to another place in Kampung Baru. We used to come here for Bakso once in a while. Bakso with Sambal Cili Padi.......berpeluh!

Asyik! Asyik! Asyik!..........masing-masing menikmati Bakso.....hehehe!

Owh! Yeahhh.....Thumbs up from Kak Saz who's staying in Dubai and just came back to KL for her summer holidays. Kat Dubai tak dapat makan Bakso ye Kak Saz.......hehehe!

Yes.....Bakso kosong for the kids......

It's just a small eating house....can only accommodate more or less around 20-25 pax at a time. Can be quite pack during lunch time......and urusniaga dalam Ringgit Malaysia......Not joking's at the bottom of the menu , if you look closer at the pic on the right. Rasanya ada yang datang makan nak bayar dengan rupiah kot.....hehehe!

Hmmmm....Mie Corner situated along Jalan Raja Mahmud. A reminder.......kalau makan kat sini , kena tahan panas sikit aaa....parking is another problem........but be it panas or susah parking,,,,,,,it's still a favourite among the locals.

The next day , we headed to Kampung Baru again coz semalan our Kak Engku terkilan sebab Warung Suwarno tutup. Dia nak sangat makan satay kambing........

We had Bakso here too......I gatal mintak pergedil. The Bakso here is simply good. Kat sini makan dengan Sambal Kecap.......huh! nyaman gilak!

Yes! Yes! Yes! The main menu here.........Satay Kambing with hirisan bawang & tomato eaten with the pedas nak mampus Sambal Kecap! Tapi tapi tapi........walaupun pedas........tak boleh nak stop! 30 cucuk , sekejap je licin. Bakso belasah , then satay kambing makan dengan nasi putih *share nasi separuh-separuh dengan Kak Aida* , seriously marvelous! *Calling for Rambutan.....bila nak kena Satay Kambing ni...*

Lepas makan.......

Pinggan satay kambing yang tinggal lidinya saja....hehehe! Berpeluh Kak Engku menahan panas , pedas & perut sakit......all at the same time...hehehe!

Shot KLCC ni shot wajib lepas makan kat Warung Suwarno ni........

So Yna got what she wanted , thanx to her kind Tante Aida for driving us all the way from Ampang to Kampung Baru.


  1. Bakso yg warong suwarno tu kat mana location dia, jalan apa ? My wife teringin bangat ni. mengidamm.. hehe

    - Encik Ikan

  2. Encik Ikan....

    address warong ni memang saya tak tahu tapi dia dekat area Pasar Malam hari Sabtu , dekat area pintu gerbang Kampung Baru. Kat situ ada stage lama.....kalau tanya locals , mesti ramai yang tahu....

  3. Ely.....jom aaa gi makan satay kambing & bakso...jom jom jom...

  4. Hello hello... maybe we should go soon la... will be relocated quite far away fr home next month.. haishh.... just had dinner @ Juara Tom Yam Kg Baru tadi... :))