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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

With The Kids......

31st May , Adriel kena demam campak........habis merah muka & satu badan dia. Took him to the clinic just to make sure that he's OK. Luckily Adriel tak menggaru sana-sini......he was as active as ever during the day.

At nite he'll constantly up asking for plain water........I kasi dia ubat demam......he's OK within 4 days.

Lama jugak tak jumpa mummy-mummy lain........Eh? Ye ke lama???? Hahaha! Apapun , one fine evening we made plans to meet up at Craven Cafe.

Sirap Bandung & Milo Tabur.......syahdu you......

Adriel is getting better from his campak.......

Bila ibu-ibu dah duduk lepak berejam kat Craven tu , Adriel pun mula laa restless. Dia tak nak duduk kat baby chair dah,,,,,,dia nak berjalan-jalan. So when Adriel berjalan , all the brothers & sisters took charge jaga Adriel yang berjalan sana-sini non-stop. Yna had to leave coz dia pergi dance class dengan MP.

Last week was Iqbal's *anak sulong Kak Aida* 13th birthday. I gave him a gitar kapok. The one that fits for Iqbal petite physic,,,,,,hehehe! Kalau yang gitar besar , susah Iqbal nak practice fingering. This one is just nice for him. Hope so :-)

I wish you all the very best in your studies and Yes! in music too........keep playin' son. Wahhhhh......see , dah buat jamming session dengan kengkawan dia dah.......Great! Happy Birthday again Iqbal.

Jumaat lepas last day of school for Sara *anak Kak Aida* & her school mates,,,,,,dah start cuti sekolah meaning NO holiday for Kak Aida.......hehehe! Sure berderet agenda dia melayan kawan-kawan anak-anak dia sepanjang cuti sekolah ni. I took the opportunity to join her by taking Yna & my nephew Rhyzat to the movies. Friday lepas sekolah we met at MBO Galaxy Ampang. KakAida dah belikan ticket movie when I got there & then we had lunch first before entering the cinema. Hmmmm.......makan or not , popcorn tetap kena beli jugak.

We watched 'Kecoh Betul'.......kelakar laa tengok Nabil & geng.....but I don't like the ending. Tak best.

Ni dah start cuti sekolah........again , sibuk laa Kak Aida dengan aktiviti dia melayan anak-anak , anak-anak buah & anak-anak kawan-kawan........hehehe! Yna only can follow aktiviti yang lepas sekolah & on weekends je lah coz Yna tak cuti lagi......July nanti baru dia cuti for 2nd term. Hahhhhh.......lambat nye......

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