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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wesak Day Weekend : Yna's Rehearsals

I was happy to look at the calender , a 3 days break.......Yehaaa! Cuti Friday - Saturday & Sunday! But then the joy was short lifted as Yna ada show on Sunday. Over the Wesak Day weekend , Yna ada latihan tarian on Friday at 5pm & Saturday at 5pm. Uwaaaaaaaa!

Skip cerita Yna dulu , bought this baby drum set.......

Sekejap je dia ketuk benda alah ni.......esoknya stand drum set tu Adriel gasak pijak-pijak drum set tu....jahanam......ngomel laa MP......katanya buat rugi duit je beli. I diam je laa coz I yang paksa MP beli.......huhuhu!

Friday - 28th May 2010

Happy Wesak Day to whom it may concern.......

Back to Yna's dancing story.....minggu ni berpusing I cari kasut menari untuk dia. Her dance mates semua dah beli the same shoes , not a must tapi bila semua dah pakai kasut yang sama,,,,,,Yna pun nak jugak. Katanya beli kat Parkson Pavilion. Alamak......Pavilion lagi.....baru minggu lepas pergi , ni nak suruh MP pergi lagi????? Aiyoooo.......mesti dia mengarok. Mana lagi Parkson yang dekat? Hmmmm.......KLCC ada , The Mall ada........The brand of the shoes is NYC , I perasan kat Jusco ada carry brand ni......pergi lah I ke both Jusco's near my place........NYC kasut budak tak de , yang ada kasut adults.

On Friday ada dance practice and Erie *Yasmine's mum* called asking me if I dah belikan kasut Yna. She was at Pavilion and offered to buy it for me. OH! God....THANK-YOU! So petang tu time practice , dapat laa si Yna try dance shoes dia.......

Esok petang jumpa kat Royale Chulan........bincang-bincang lagi sebelum balik.

Saturday - 29th May 2010

Final rehearsal for Yna and her dance mates today. Yna's excited about doing this show. It will be her first dance performance outside of school.

Wahhhhhhh!!! A pretty big do for a 2 year old boy's birthday haaaa......

They'll be dancing to 2 numbers , Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" & Amy Mastura's "Happy". Both dance being choreographed by Teacher Nana from LJ's Studio.

The girls having some refreshments after rehearsal's done......

The girls with Teacher Nana........


  1. Adik mok dah tak mok lagi dah...

  2. naper simpan rambut panjang cam tu?nampak tak elok la..rimas..

  3. for who yna or adriel? either or.......they're my kids , so it's my call....mind you.