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Friday, June 18, 2010

A Musical & A Birthday

Last Saturday was a packed day for me & the family. We've got 3 events to attend but managed to go to only 2. I could have gone to all 3 but knowing MP , he's not game to run here & there just for the sake of fun but if it's work.......he'll kick his ass off! Didn't wanna argue with I made the best possible plan for all 3 events.

Event #1 - Sri Utama Annual Concert : "Utama Musical"

The day started with attending Yna's concert. Woke up for subuh and got myself ready before waking Yna up & later Adriel. Had to do her make-up. She was instructed to put green eye-shadows on.

MP had to work today as his Sri Ukay project has kicked off and he's fully in charge at the project site. So he passed on attending Yna's concert this year.....and last year too , if you remember.
Yna had to be at the HGH Convention Center in Sentul 9am for touch-ups & what nots. But we left the house at 9:30am and reached there slightly before 10am. Yna wasn't too excited with her dance steps coz she said that it was too easy & not challenging for her at all. Ow-kay.......understood laaa.....she danced to difficult steps at LJ Studio so bila kena buat twist ala-ala kindy......boring laa dia......Anyways , she was very happy to be with her friends that morning.

MP left me & Yna at the concert and he went on to send Adriel to my parents's place. At the concert I met Puan Midah who offered to send me home later on. OK with me. We later stopped at Jusco AU2 on the way back to my parent's place for some quick makan. A reminder , if your kid's school is doing any function at this place , please bring your own food & drinks.......No kedai makan around the area or in the building......kena jalan jauhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Layan gambar laah.......malas nak mengarang........

Entrance to the concert hall.......

Opening siap ada api-api macam Juara Lagu gitu.....Giant screens at both sides of the hall.....

Ada short presentation about the play yang students akan perform.

This year it's Utama Musical.....and the show started with a choir led by Cikgu Shahrol. Hmmmm......lagu pertama memang sumbang-mambang dari mula sampai habis but their second song 'Bad Romance' by Lady Gaga was entertaining.

Yna & her gang dancing to 2 Pop Yeh Yeh numbers. All primary 2 students from National & International joined together for the performance.

Yna with Tannaz *anak Puan Midah* , she's in standard 5 and next week we've been invited to attend her 11th birthday.

Yna with sweet Damia , her classmate.

The concert started at 11:30am-ish and ended around 3pm-ish. Honestly , I was a bit disappointed with the overall performance of the students. They were not serious. Few parents felt the same. The seniors berlakon macam nak tak nak je when they have all the state-of-the-art facilities in school. Menari pun tak all out , macam kena paksa naik menari atas pentas. I wish I could bring in my team of expertise to direct & produce the concert. Well , I don't think budget will be a big problem. What we'll do is that we will still encourage students to choreograph the dance moves , write their script and all but me & my team will co-ordinate the entire show so that timing , the phase & momentum of the concert runs smoothly and most important , tak dragging. Hari tu , resah gelisah nak tunggu transition dari satu scene ke satu scene. It took ages. Perhaps we can bring in a dance choreographer to assist the students and help out with the dances. Kak Siti & me can train the students with their singing & acting.......with the team of crew that I have & the facilities that the school provided , I'm pretty much confidence that a school concert can be a grand concert. With what the school have the other day , it's good enough for me & my team to produce a good show. Rasa macam nak suggest to the school , tengok lah next year.

Event #2 - Damien & Fea's Birthday Party

I've been invited to attend AC Mizal's & Emilya Rosnaida's kids birthday party at Cosmo World , Berjaya Times Square. I received a call from their PA inviting me & my family to the party. I've also received couple of invites from the couple. When I confirmed my attendance in May , I didn't know that Yna's concert will be held on the same day.

So the party starts at 1pm and ended at 6pm. I could have rushed to the party even though it's late but MP dislike the idea. So as an alternative , I seek help from my brother Ramos. As Ramos is working at Berjaya Times Square Hotel,,,,,,,,I asked him to send birthday presents for Damien & Fea. What else........2 big beige & brown teddy bears!

Happy birthday to Prince Damien & Princess Fea......from us all. Kiss kiss!

Event post lah.....malas.

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  1. Yna cute sangat dalam costume pop yeh yeh tu.. and kawan dia Damia tu..alahai sweeeettnya...

    psstt, pasal birthday bash anak AC tu..tetiba i rasa a bit sedih, kenangkan anak-anak dia dengan first wife dia dulu.. terpisah dari papa dia, harap-harap AC tak abaikan anak-anak dia dengan Shafni dulu, i dunno the real story, baca from media and gossip je..harap semuanya ok..kesian anak-anak dia..