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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Updating Of Happenings In May

I was indeed busy with studio in May........Yes,,,,,even though I still come back home after studio time but most nights , they're already asleep. I misses my A in May......huhuhu! It rhymes.......

2nd week of May all 14 students from China who studied at the International University College Of Technology Twintech , finished their practical from the studio. We grew to respect each others culture & clearly we bonded. Along the way we've learned a lot about music from one another. They're very talented young performers. I wish them all the luck & all the very best in their career.

.....with Principal Siti Hajar Ismail.

The students presented the studio with this beautiful painting of 2 peacocks in a golden frame. Lovely.

A pic with 'Cikgu' , that's what they addressed me and of course , another pic of all of us together.

Later that afternoon , Normi - Hubby & kids dropped by the studio as they were there to catch a movie & to check on their Rakan Muda Cyber outlet which will be on the same level with the studio. Actually , we'll be neighbours. Bob will be managing the place so senang laa nak online nanti....hehehe! Jangan lupa kasi I the Wifi password aaaa.......Yes!

One of the days , me - Kak Siti & few students went to Panggung Dewan Bandaraya to watch a local classical concert. Among the performers was my friends Syafinaz & Amri. I can relate to classical concerts as I was being exposed to it since my days with the National Choir of Malaysia. But one thing that I don't quite like is that the appearance of our local classical singers when they go up on stage. Must they wear sexy gowns & attires? Fine kalau nak jugak pakai gown sexy but why can't they 'sulam-kan' their performances by going up on stage with a pretty kebaya and still sing classical Italian tunes? 90% of the repertoire that night was foreign classical numbers. Another 10% was Indonesian seriosa song selections..........a little sad laaa.......I just don't understand why can't they try to classicalize Malay songs and sing it. That will be something different to see & hear.

Dari masa I mula-mula tengok konsert classical kat Malaysia ni dan sampai sekarang.....format persembahannya sama je.....sebelum penyanyi ke pentas :
  1. pianist naik stage dulu
  2. then penyanyi naik stage
  3. lepas nyanyi , dua-dua penyanyi & pianist keluar pentas
  4. then ulang balik , from step 2 - pianist naik stage dulu .....
  5. ......macam tu lah berulang-ulang sampai habis persembahan.......bagi yang tak biasa dengan format persembahan konsert classical , ianya memang amat membosankan.

Anyways.......the whole show that nite was being put together & supervised by non other than Datin Prof. Dr. Siti Chairani Prohoeman who's currently attached with ASWARA. FYI , masa Kak Siti di UiTM dulu........she was Siti Chairani's best student. Kak Siti datang malam ni pun atas personal invitation by her sifu......

A group photo with Siti Chairani

Then.....we all walked back to the car.....we parked somewhere near the court & river.

One of the days , one of our student Shruthi came to class with some Indian sweet cakes! OMG! They're my favourites. Shruthi's 15 and congratulations to her as she just won Best Indian Album at AIM17 recently. More on Shruthi's winning here. That day I had a fair conversation with Shruthi's mummy about the industry. Told her my share of experience being a child star. I thought it was hard enough back then being in the main stream , wrong was's worst in the local Indian music industry.

Back to the Indian sweet of my favourite things to do before Diwali is to drive to the foot of Batu Caves on Diwali Eve. What for? Well , to buy myself loads & loads of these sweet cakes. They're costly , mind you. Understand why laa coz it's purely made of milk , sugar & ghee. Delicious.

I can still remember those days kalau nak balik Taiping *masa tak ada highway* , kena lalu jalan lama......we'll have to pass Rawang. There's a small milk candy stall kat tepi jalan just after Rawang town on the way north. My mom will stopped to buy lots of milk candy from this Sikh family who runs the stall.

Thanx to the Ceylonese blood that I have in me from my certainly shows doesn't it....hehehe! Owh! I just love eating them. Besides the heavenly milk candy , you name it.....gulab jamun - rice pudding - laduoo - ghee ball - barfi - halwa sujee - kaju katri......endless.......I can indulge myself with these yummy India sweet treats. Simply heaven.

Busy or not , mummy duty calls. Yna was caught by a flu from school. Took her to the clinic and she got an MC for another 2 days. The next day I made an appointment to visit Dr. Nasir at his clinic in Ampang Puteri , giving Adriel an H1N1 jab. According to Dr. Nasir just be prepared that Adriel will have a mild fever after the jab. Sampai rumah , kasi diaorang makan,,,,,,,,kasi ubat.......2 - 2 ekor tidoq.....I pun tumpang sekaki jugak....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

My trip to APSH will not be complete without a visit to my favourite doctor's clinic....hehehe! So , before going down to pay the bills , I made a stop at Dr. Ashar's clinic. Since I dah kat situ , I thought of changing my appointment time to see my Dr. A in July from afternoon to morning coz takut MP tak boleh jemput Yna from school & hantar dia mengaji on that particular day. Kak Ram told me not to worry about it , just come anytime & she'll slot me in. TQVM.

While I was there......terjebak beli kain yang Kak Ram jual. I was carrying Adriel & Kak Ram suruh I letak Adriel biar dia berjalan. Berjalan???? Tengah I sibuk dok pilih kain , si Adriel berlari sana sini dalam clinic tu. Tak larat si Yna nak jaga adik dia. Si Adriel even gasak pergi ketuk bilik Dr. A......Adriel was all over the place. Suara anak tekak dia je yang bising kat dalam clinic tu. Jangan Dr. A keluar dah......Si Adriel buat tempat tu macam clinic bapak dia....hehehe! Nasib baik time tu cuma tinggal sorang je patient Dr. A yang tengah menunggu kat luar , tu pun nurse kat APSH......

I pilih 2 pasang kain......cantik......Kak Ram bawak dari Kedah. Lama jugak laa dok memilih kain sebelum decided which one nak beli. I belanja staff Dr. A , Linda sepasang kain for her birthday. My kain tu I nak buat jubah tak nak buat baju kurung......

Finally paid Kak Ram & bid goodbyes to everyone in the clinic.......and as I opened the clinic's door to go out , Adriel ran outside the clinic super fast. Yna pushed the MacLaren & I pulak berkejar nak tangkap & dukung si kenit. By that time , Dr. A came out of his clinic , saw me & the kids who was already halfway down the hall. Dr. A came walking towards us to say hello and we chatted for a while........

A note for me : What? And why are you smiling? I should be smiling......Hehehe! *wink*

Teachers day coming........I got these pretty rose mugs for few of Yna's teachers & her Ustazah kat kelas mengaji.

These sweet roses tea cups & saucers are for Yna's subject teachers........

On teachers day celebration kat sekolah Yna , ada class party pulak. I remembered that we had a long nite at the studio........balik rumah , lepas settle-kan budak-budak,,,,,,I sibuk di dapur sorang-sorang sampei dekat jam 2 pagi aku tok molah sausages. I goreng-kan cocktail sausages , sliced up some Japanese cucumbers & canned pineapples to bite sizes. Then cucuk-kan the sausages with toothpicks........hahhhhhh! sampai sakit belakang!

........susun semua dalam bekas and simpan dalam fridge overnight.

Esok pagi Yna bawak pergi sekolah.........selamat.

Normi's hubby got this MOU to run a cyber place under Rakan's a place where youths can use the internet isn't it? Like I said , Bob will be based there.....hmmmm........Mafia Wars laaa si Bob tu!

Semua dah siap cuma nak tunggu masuk Streamyx je........

We made our way to tingkat 3A of Galaxy for some makan-makan session........

Bob-Normi-Raja Zarina-Rima-Aida

More to update.........more makan that is,,,,,hehehe!

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