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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tanaaz's Birthday

Speeding up on my updates......this was on June 19th. We were being invited by Puan Midah to her daughter's birthday. Only close family members & friends were invited to the party held at Crystal Crown Hotel *off Jalan Kepong*. Hmmmm.........another big teddy for the birthday girl.

A week before the party , I followed Puan Midah to the hotel to make bookings & requested for the resident chef , Chef Sabri for a selection of food that we would like to be served in the buffet during the party. For RM25 per head , it was worth it as we had endless servings of lamb - butter prawns - fish - chicken - chicken rice - noodles - yong tow foo - desserts - veggies - vegetarian dishes - fruits - satay - rice - malay lauk - rojak buah - pecal - ice creams & others.

This is Putri Tanaaz Gill , Yna's school mate. A mix marriage child....Melayu Siam + Punjabi.

Tanaaz with her mum & her dad *in light brown shirt*

This was 2 days after the car accident.....pipi Adik Mok masih biru lagi....

Cake cutting time. Complimentary from Chef Sabri. It was a dense chocolate cake. Very delicious. Can't help myself from having a second slice of it. So yummy!

Yna with her balloon......trying to blow it for Adriel...

Big wish made , I hope......Happy 11th Birthday dear Tanaaz.

Where are the dads??????? Kat luar , berborak & hisap rokok.

Hmmmm.........tak larat I nak dukung........

Me & Puan Midah.......nice Kelantanese woman........hehehe! Known her for quite sometime & I know that she's from Kelantan but never heard her speak the dialect......but that day......weh....berjabu demo kecek kelate denge adik-bradik....terkejuk kawe.....hehehe!

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