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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sekinchan Ikan Bakar @ Setiawangsa

The other day we went to check out this place , Sekinchan Ikan Bakar @ Centrum Setiawangsa, Jalan Setiawangsa 8, Taman Setiawangsa. Very near Petronas & Giant Setiawangsa. The place was being recommended to us by Sarjan XPDC when we were at Jalan Bandar Police Station weeks back. MP wanted to try the food here........Hari ni makan ikan bakar so story pun agak-agak terbakar jugak sikit......hehehe!

There's an outdoor seating area but I insisted that we sit inside the restaurant. We were in a happy mode at first but my decision to sit inside the restaurant made MP rage at an instant! Oh My God! Why? Coz it's difficult for him to smoke. Totally unbelievable! Go out of the restaurant if you wanna smoke laa dude! What's the problem? This happens all the time and I have no space within myself to accommodate this same scenario anymore. It's another small domestic disagreement but when it's being repeated over & over & over again , I've reached to a point that I'm fed-up & numb. I can sit anywhere but I have a baby with me. Simple as that. If someone wanna die fast through smoking,,,,,,go ahead.......spare my baby's life por favour.

From that moment.......the outing became tensed. Even little Adriel can't afford to make any mistakes when big daddy's angry with mommy for choosing to sit indoor........or he'll get scolding from big big of a mistake that I make. Yna.......she's the best. She knows what's coming for me already......She's my strength.

Many customers and no waiter came to us after sitting there for about 5 minutes........Another boiling point for MP. Every time this happens , I malu sangat. To me tak perlu marah-marah......just walk off the restaurant if you don't like. Don't have to create a scene. Showing MP the sticker on the table doesn't help reduce his anger.......and it all started with me insisted to sit indoor then it's one after another.......MP can't just let go at one issue,,,,,,he'll drag other things along. Sometimes I jadi takut. I jadi macam telur dihujung tanduk. Frankly speaking , in anything I do. I'm at the hujung tanduk waiting to fall. Everyday I have to face rage & anger. Things like me parking the car to not like how he does can cause rage. Tu baru hal I pilih tempat duduk tak ikut kehendak dia or parking kereta tak ikut cara dia........agak-agaknya masa hari I accident tu , macamana laa ekk? Hehehe! Don't imagine. Ni belum lagi I nak cakap hal besar-besar yang melibatkan soal hati & perasaan. Mati aku......

Ahhhhh.......back to food. The keropok ikan was good.

We had Nasi Lemak........some ulam & accompanied sauces.

The prawns & sotong was delish. Yna loves the sotong bakar with sambal.

We also had grilled Kerapu & Pari. We can request for them to grill seafood that we chose and serve the sambal separately. I requested for them to do just that for MP's grilled Pari knowing that he can't take the heat! Kalau you tak request , all your grilled seafood will come with sambal on it. Kang salah Akak....lagi dek....hahaha!

It's a bit pricey. We are seafood lovers and I'd say that we paid double of the price that nite. Well , what do you expect. It's in KL not Sekinchan. We ordered 1 medium kerapu - 1 keping pari - 5 white prawns - 3 sotong. The bill came around RM170 with drinks and all. Kalau kat Sekinchan or Umbai........sure puluh-puluh or RM100 tops tak kan sampai almost RM200 punye......Winning point , the food was good. Yna & MP loves the food as the sambal is not too spicy.

We were there on a Saturday and right in front of the restaurant there's a nite bazzar. By this time , MP's in an OK mode. He suggested that we check the nite bazzar out. OK. Whatever. As long as you are not angry with anything..............duhhhh!

Cool jugak. Macam-macam ada.....counterfeit goods pun ada.......jeans jenama BMW pun ada. Wow! One set back......peniaga tak letak tanda harga. I think it's essential to display visible price tags for customers to see from afar coz with a price tag potential customers will walk into your shop. Without a price tag , customers will come into your shop.....ask the price of goods......find it too expensive or exceeded their budget.....and walk away. But with a price tag , customers are prepared with some idea of how much the goods will cost and most likely , they'll buy it. That night , I saw only 2 stalls yang ada display big & visible tanda harga.......yang lain-lain.....kena tanya......Malas lah.

A note for me : He's a good person. He's a good provider to the kids. He's a good father to the kids. That I can't deny. I have unresolved issues........One way communication cannot work. Kept & buried too long. May He has mercy on me & help me walk through it. I want it to be Your way & not my way.........please give me all the patience in the world and kept my faith to only You. Amen.


  1. Salam Rima, kak yati rasa ur MP kena pergi ambik treatment, control his anger. Adakah berani Rima memberitahunya bahawa tahap kemrahannya memang perlu ambik treatment? Dia bukannya tak sayang u all tapi dia tak dapat mengawal kemarahan.

  2. (sungguh sabar u nih, bertuah ur kids & MP dpt u)

    errr u tau.. kat sekinchan TAKDEK pon ikan2 bakar nih!!! sumpah!! ahahaha if ade kt area kuala selangor (chinese restoren so the menu pon dorg punye - err sedap la lalala).. patu sekinchan nih mmg big area la.. tp kbykn kedai yg offer ikan bakar nih adalah restoren bese yg cam 'seafood tomyam' etc.. i rasa xdek plak jumpa restoren offer ikan bakar, kerapu, sotong bakar etc yg mmg specialize for that.. (ke i yg xtau???) even my parents nk g mkn cmtu pon dorg naik smpai ke sabak or telok intan.. tp mmg i admit la ikan kat sekinchan fresh n murah.. i if blk kg i bwk bekas ice yg putih tu ha borong sume ikan hihihi..

    daling. next week i dh start bukak kt subang parade.. u free check blog i kiss kiss

  3. some things we have to "tahan" je kan.. it's part of being married i guess..

    my kanda also is a smoker.. selalu kata dah kurangkan, but takde apa2 yg berubah.. gitu jugak.. maleh dahh!

  4. rima, nasib u sama macam i, ada communication breakdown....i pun dah takleh tahan....macam2 dia buat kat i....i rasa cukup la....

  5. Oh bab baran MP tu sebijik macam my ex. Only difference is my ex was a lousy father and a hopeless wifebeating husband. I am sooooo glad I finally left him.

  6. You did the right decision sitting inside. Especially when u are along with the kids. Second hand smoker is much more dangerous! Both of u shall sit together and resolve it. Make him realize tht if he keep on being like tht, he might be will be loosing u and the kids. Do you guys want the kids the grow up having the same temper? I pray tht u will succeed...

  7. lousy restaurant..
    we pay high but service+food not up to the price.
    real case to me+my not clean..uweekk

  8. I have a bad experience with Restoran Sekinchan Ikan Bakar :

    What i can say is, overprice, the food just OK and indah khabar dari rupa