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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Love Turns Two

Alhamdulillah.......From the moment Adriel was born , I found new love and I've been in love with him ever since. I became closer to Him and more spiritual. I will not trade anything for this beautiful feelings and most of all the love that's surrounding me everyday.

Loving you made me go nuts.
Loving you made me smile & smile.
Loving you made me laughed my head off.
Loving you made me strong each day.
Loving you made me cry at times.
Loving you made me feel free.
Loving you made me alive.
Loving you made me talk to myself.
Loving you made me see you even though when you are not around.
Loving you made me feel you at all times.
Loving you made me want to be with you forever.
Loving you made me want to do everything for you.
Loving you made me want to be the best I possibly could.
Loving you made want to call your name always.
Loving you made me love myself even more.
Loving you made me want to dream of you every night.
Loving you made want to see only you each time I close my eyes.

You are my life.....the air that I dreams........I love you so much. Loving you for two years is so beautiful..........many more years to come , my love. Don't ever leave me dear day , you will take care of me and love me more than you should.

Thank you dear God for bringing him into my life when I thought that there was no hope for a new love after waiting for so so long. He brought joy , he brought happiness , he brought excitement to my life. In the end , he's worth waiting for. Thank you again dear God. Loving you for exactly 2 years now was a total bliss. I love you so so much. Happy day to me & Happy Birthday to Adriel.


  1. happy birthday to adriel.. a big, warm, jubo hugs & kisses for him. all the best ok...

  2. Happy Birthday cute Adriel.
    Semuga membesar sebagai anak Solehah...kebanggaan emak dan abah.