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Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Answer To KUNYIT

We all have different views when it comes to the Israel issues........even among us Muslims despite the difference in our appearance , colour & race......we don't think alike. I learned today that there are Muslims who chose to insult fellow Muslims with nasty words.....sadly actions of such made me think again.....should these breed be born at all.

I received this comment from Kunyit for the previous post that I wrote :
"podahhhh....sembang je ko...kalau lu Islam..dah tentu lu pakai tudung dressing pun macam Yahudi jugak...
pas tu marah la sana sini...konon dia saja yang betul atas muka bumi ni..kata orang sana stupid ,sini stupid sebab tak sealiran dgn lu.."

Kunyit dear ,

Clearly you have your set of mind and I do not want to judge you as a person. I have a brain and I will not let myself stood low to your way of thinking. Therefore I'm gonna quote few things you wrote......

You said that I dressed like a Yahudi and not wearing the my friend , IF you are in a great mussibah or you and your family are in great danger and you got to know that a non-tudung Muslim woman like me is the only one who can help you & your family out of the misery......are you telling me that you will refuse help from me just because I'm not wearing a tudung?

Our PM's wife is not wearing a tudung and speaks out loud of going against the Israelis in anyway we can......does your rage & rudeness here apply to her too? Why measure one's heart with what they wear? God did not in any way do that my friend , our beautiful Islam did not in any way oppose that we do that to Muslim women and here you went above the law with your sentiments.....who are you to judge me compared to the Al-Mighty?

You said "kalau lu Islam".....You might want to take that statement back my friend. It's not wise to say that to people. I know that I'm not those bad Israelis. I'm a Muslim despite wearing what I wear. And today , I know that I have a good heart than you. Way above you. You my friend might wear a tudung or if you are a man......maybe your wife or girlfriend is wearing one (alhamdulillah)......but please don't put disgrace or in other words to be the source of shame for women who wears the tudung with your shallow way of thinking........It's a total shame and please,,,,,be nice to people.

You said "kata orang sana stupid ,sini stupid sebab tak sealiran dgn lu...." , where in this post did I write of such? I did not even use the word 'stupid' in this post.......are you sure you read what I've written? I don't care if NO ONE IN THIS WORLD seconded to whatever I've written here.....I simply care less of what you think my friend......If there's no one is in the same stream as I am.......for goodness sake , it's not my problem. I write for myself. For my own motivation. For my own peace of mind.

You said "konon dia saja yang betul atas muka bumi ni." In the first place , I did not even ask your good-self to read what I wrote. I never said that I was right in this post. But shouldn't I be? Then again , if what I wrote here is the wrong info about those bad Jews.......enlighten me. If you feel differently with what the Israelis have done to the world.......hmmmm.....that should be interesting to know.

Which part did I write was wrong?
  1. Is the part where the Zionis did kill those innocent humanitarians was just a show on a ship?
  2. Is the part where the world still sits in a meeting and just talking about taking actions against the Zionis but nothing has been done yet up till now was untrue?
  3. Is the part where most product produced in this world is owned by Jews was incorrect?
  4. Is the part where they did kill many Palestinians was a fake?
  5. Is the part where they behaved worst than devils were inappropriate?
  6. Is the part where up until now no one can prosecute them was wrong?
  7. Is the part where Jews has their own religious agenda up their sleeves was a lie?
  8. Is the part where the Israelis stole the Palestinian's soil was just a make-up story?
Unless you are a Jewish yourself and unless you have a different story to tell....again , enlighten me my friend. If you are a Muslim,,,,,,,,,you should be in the same boat with what I wrote. But then again , we may be Muslims but we might not think the same. With such a comment from you my friend , we obviously don't think a like. In short , if you said what I wrote was crap....or as you put it "podahhhh....sembang je ko" , oh boy.......what have I done!!!! A gentle note of reminder for you my friend , do learn to respect opinions of least , I have an opinion to share unlike you.....going pages to pages and condemning what didn't comply to your honourable of you my friend?

I also received an Anonymous comment :
"nak boikot?sorry la orang kita..ada yang sanggup melantak Mc D semata mata nak kumpul gelas je...huuhuhuhuhu"

My response to it :

Anonymous mate.........

"I know u can've been following....duhhh! Didn't you read the part where I said it's not easy to do it. Why be childish & acted stupid about it? grow up & get a life.....better boycott something than nothing at all...."

Honestly , I'm so tempted to collect those beautiful glasses again from Mc Donald's now that it's with the world cup promo......Very tempted. But up till today , I managed to stop myself from doing so. I don't know if I can stop myself tomorrow but I will try. I repeatedly said that it is not an easy task to drastically boycott products by Jews but at least I will try. Am starting to say NO to 3 products. If you are not game for it.......that is your call my friend. I'm fine with it. I will not judge you. I never will judge you.

You & I have a choice......your choice may not be my choice and my choice may not be your choice. If you still choose to (and I quote what Anonymous wrote) "melantak Mc D semata mata nak kumpul gelas je..." that is your choice. And if tomorrow I choose to have a Mc D lunch with my kids.......that is my choice.

I don't actually have to answer myself but knowing that negative remarks came from fellow Muslims......I have to say a word or two in hope that other Muslims brothers & sisters will not follow such a mentality.

A note for me : I'm good. I'm done. Nuff said.


  1. ya Allah, patotla negara kite asyik bertelagah dengan fahaman politik yg macam2..sebabnya ramai kat luar sana yg tak guna otak, suke2 judge orang dan maki2 orang even dalam blog..bukan mintak sokong as u BERTUDUNG @ TAK, tapi as a muslim, jgnla menghina org..dan, sebagai WANITA yang BERTUDUNG, saya nak bgtau pada "Anonymous"& Kunyit, jgnla pandang rendah pada mereka yg tak bertudung. kadang2 yg bertudung tu ada yg berhati BUSUK macam SAMPAH..
    macam u all la, (SORRY) suke baca blog org, bile timbul rasa dengki, komen yg bukan2, at least kalo u all tak suke sekalipun, cakap sendiri sudahla, don't have to be too loud about it..apela..patotla ISLAM berpecah pada banyak parti, ramai manusia kat luar sana yg tak guna OTAK yg ALLAH SWT beri..duuuhhh!!!!

  2. rima,i juga x bersetuju dgn remarks yg 'kunyit' tuh berikan.sangat2 tidak betul untuk melabel seseorang dgn statemnt dressing sperti yahudi. Let says seseorang wanita itu bertudung dan menutup aurat, tetapi dia pakai sluar jeans, adakah kunyit juga akan gelar wanita itu dressing yahudi? of coz tak kann.. tapi did kunyit itu tau bhawa sluar jeans levi's pengasasnya ialah seorang german-jewish? dunnolaa apa dia akan fikir lepas nie.. buang semua jeans yg dia ada.. unless laa dia x pakai jeans..*wink*. apapun rima, i setuju dengan u.. sekurang kurangnya kita mencuba dan tidak hnya duduk bpeluk tubuh n biarkan umat islam lain menderita.

  3. Just Ignore org low mentality macam nie. OMG, he/she is so shallow, judging u by your appearance. I myself not wearing tudung, so what itu antara kita ngan Allah. We have our reasons, mungkin we are not ready rather than pakai tapi baju ketat lengan pendek, pakai tudung saja buat syarat, solat tak jaga. Pakai tudung tak semesti nya baik.

  4. tayah layan la kak rima..

  5. Orang Islam yang baik, bila dia nak tegur sesama Islam, dia takkan memaki hamun, mengguna kata-kata sesat. Daripada tulisan dia je kita dah tau dia camane...