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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Met With An Accident!

10 days ago I met with an accident on my way to fetch Yna from school. My first time after 10 years of handling the wheels.

I'm OK but my hands were shaking right after the accident. Adriel had bruises on his left cheek. Alhamdulillah both of us are alright.

I was from the Carrefour Wangsa Maju route heading towards Sri Rampai and I was on my far right lane. When the traffic light turns green , I drove straight ahead heading to Sri Utama School / Selangor Pewter.........

Suddenly a car came from the junction on my left and headed straight to my far right lane. I saw the car coming and started to honk non-stop........but he ignored my warnings and drove right into my car. I had no choice but to run into the car coz if I had stopped to make way for the car........another car would have bang me from the back. It'll be double trouble for me then. *That I can handle but the double trouble from MP is what I wanna avoid.....duhhhh* I also can't make way to my right as there was a divider.........Oh man! Berdentum laa kaedahnya. Pekak ke apa driver kereta tu.....tak dengar bunyi honk kereta I.........

That's the driver........from the left junction he was trying to get to my lane coz he wanted to 'cilok' and cross over to a junction on the other side of the road. Clearly there was a double line and it's an offence to do so.

Tapi biasa laa......bila dah accident , siapa nak mengaku salah. I know that I was in the right lane. There was verbal arguments but I kept to my story. I insisted that the man was in the wrong and he has to pay for my car's damages. I told the man that I honk him non-stop but he drove straight in front of me. The man borrowed my cell to call his son as it was his son's car. Shortly , 2 of the man sons came. Ganas je muka , siap ada bekas baru berjahit kat bibir........seram.

I tried calling MP but can't get through him. Took me over 10 minutes to get hold of him. He had a meeting at MPAJ and finally when I got MP on the phone and told him what happened.................Am gonna stop here and leave the part telling you of MP's reaction when he heard the news. If you know MP , you ought to guess of his response.......All I can say , if you are the wifey,,,,,,,,,you'll walk away. Kapish!

Keeping myself together I calmly waited for MP to come by the road side with Adriel being cranky & restless. 30 minutes passed.......MP finally arrived with his business associate Miss K.

Took a pic of the car's road-tax........ada sticker polis lagi. Anak this man is a policeman *owner of the car*

MP took over the negotiation when he arrived. MP called his cousin Yahya Othman , an OCPD of Pekan (Pahang) to seek his advise. After loads of talking & arguing with the man's son as he was quite rude & bossy........Hohoho! You don't want to play rude & bossy with MP right now.......hahaha! The man's son who came to the scene earlier didn't want to pay or settle. He said that I was wrong & wanted to make a police report. His father on the other hand wanted to pay us off & willing to fix my damages. Since the man's son insisted that we make a police report.......well , fine with us dude!

MP suggested that we go to the nearest Police Station which is in Wangsa Maju near Jusco Alpha Angle but the man's son refused to go there. MP was pissed off with the man's son coz he wanted to go all the way to Jalan Bandar Police Station during heavy traffic timing. According to the man's son , his policeman brother *owner of the car* asked him to go to Jalan Bandar as he has no contacts at the Wangsa Maju Police Station?????? Aiyooooo!

It was almost 4pm at that time. Poor Yna coz she does not have a clue of why I was late. She had to wait for over an hour after school finishes. Didn't bring her mobile with her today.......poor baby girl....and I was so near her school.......

Hearing the man's son said that he has no contacts at the Wangsa Maju Police Station and insisted that we make a police report at Jalan Bandar.........MP called his OCPD cousin again telling him of the situation. Fast the end of the day it's a "know who" game. We'll see.

The man's car........

My car.......

After Maghrib we made our way to the Jalan Bandar Police was like going down memory lane for me.....hehehe!

Blast from the past.......I used to film here a lot during my "Roda-Roda Kota Raya" days. I played Nita , daughter of Sarjan Senin or popularly known as Sarjan Misai....a character taken from a real life traffic police officer. Actor A.Galak played Sarjan Senin , my dad in the TV series. Actress Hamidah Wahab played my mom. I had a great time on the set of RRKR and it runs on air for 6 seasons till Sarjan Senin retired and Nita got married to a high ranking traffic police officer played by Riezman Khuzaimi.

Howkey dowkey,,,,,,,back to our real mission of coming make a police report. Earlier MP's OCPD cousin had already briefed MP of what to do & who to see after we've done making a report at the police station. Cool. Once we reach Jalan Bandar , MP called Sarjan XPDC as per directed by MP's cousin.

After making my police report , we met Sarjan XPDC and 'coincidentally' he was the one who was being assigned to handle the investigation of my nice......*nicely orchestrated aaaa....* I told him my side of the story and he told me that the other party had already made their report plus telling him their version of the story. Looking at photos of our cars , he already knew who was at fault. The best part , Sarjan XPDC stays around the area of accident & he also know about the double line that I was talking about. Hahhh.......Thank god. At that moment I saw a look on MP's face.......a look that finally assured him that I'm not at fault.

Meeting Sarjan XPDC was OK but making a report at Jalan Bandar was a nightmare! Too too long. We were there at 8:45pm-ish and my turn to make a report was at 11pm! Adriel was very very tired & cranky........Yna was already sleepy.

After we're done with Sarjan XPDC , we had to take the car for a photo shoot just across the station. Almost midnight,,,,,,,,,,baru semua selesai.

Two days after the accident , we had to take the car to an authorized workshop in Selayang for further inspection & more photo claiming procedure. Final police report stated that I'm not in the wrong. Alhamdulillah.

Up till today , we've done the 'ketuk body' thingy , change the broken signal light & other minor repair works. Cuma tak boleh nak cat lagi coz I need the car for my daily chores unless MP can workout some arrangement to get me an auto car for my daily usage while the car goes in for paint job.

A note for me : I got part of my answer with the accident but I'm too afraid to make the move needed.


  1. terkejutnya saya baca berita tu. tapi apa pon syukur alhamdulillah, semuanya selamat. memanglah alami kerugian tapi nyawa lebih penting. kena kuatkan semangat balik nak pegang stereng kereta lepas ni. jangan fikir yang bukan2 ye.. take good care..

  2. huuhuh.... kak rima ok semua yer tho cute A ada bruises kat pipi.

    Apa2 pun what ever you get the PETUNJUK , hope it will make a good move to you.

    As for me I'm still wonder which good move I will have .. huhuhuhuh...

    kak rima remember u pernah mention bout days..ada ok n what not... boleh tak ajar sket ilmu tu??