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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Makan - Makan - Makan

Updating on my makan-makan adventure towards the end of May & early June..........

KFC lunch for the has to be the original recipe for us. Tak berapa suka yang hot & spicy laa , now ada black pepper laa........Nahhh.....sticking to the Colonel Harland Sanders's original recipe. Yna & MP loves KFC..........

Semalam Kak Aida singgah studio after her sessi urut kaki & dandan rambut.....Normi & Bob ada kat office diaorang......terus gi lunch kat Galaxy. Then Kak Aida ikut I gi ambil Yna kat sekolah.....patah balik ke studio coz ada kelas petang........lepak-lepak kat office Normi & Bob.......then we decided to check out this newly opened Factory Outlet kat Dagang Avenue. Hmmmm......tak menarik sangat & quite pricey. Sebelah Factory Outlet tu ada Pool Cafe pulak. Sangkut kejap kat sini layan tunggu Normi & Bob main pool. While waiting..........makan lagi. Kak Aida turun order makanan.........laksa ada , rojak buah ada & keropok lekor pun ada..........cantik pulak keropok lekor tu dihidang macam tu........

The day before yesterday I took my mom to try the Thai Steamboat at Q Thai Village @ Dagang Avenue. Near Galaxy & my parent's place.

Lots of seafood - noodles - vegetables - meat - shellfishes - tofus - fishballs - mushrooms - eggs to choose from. Seriously , loads peeps. There's also BBQed chicken wings & choices of fried rice & noodles plus selection of sweet thai desserts! There's ice-creams & rojak buah too. Eat all you can........but left over food weighing 100 grams will be charged RM10. Bagus. You can choose 2 types of soups for the steamboat. Since MP tak suka tom yam soup , I opted for a spicy herbal soup & chicken soup for the kids.

I took this cute fishball for Adriel to eat but he played with it instead.......

Sejak dari restoran ni baru buka lagi I dah ajak MP cuba makan kat sini tapi knowing MP,,,,,,,,tiap kali nak ke Galaxy or my parent's place , mesti lalu depan kedai ni......dia pandang pun tak nak. Yang I ni dok tunjuk banner restoran ni yang depa gantung kat tiang-tiang lampu.......dia buat muka sardin je. Sampai lah I dah fed-up nak ajak. Alih-alih , hari tu dia ajak pergi makan kat situ. MP's verdict is important coz kalau dia tak suka tempat ni , memang jangan harap laa dia nak datang lagi. Kalau I nak datang makan kat sini , pandai-pandai lah. It turns out that MP suka tempat ni. Dia suruh I ambil number phone for Ramadhan nanti nak buka puasa. Tak sempat I habis makan , MP kasi I namecard restaurant ni suruh I simpan.

Per head for adults is RM22 and kids is RM11. The steamboat buffet tak termasuk air. We stayed & makan for about less than an hour. Budak cashier tu siap tegur , sekejap je kita makan. I tanya dia balik.......ada ke yang duduk makan lama-lama? Dia bilang ada............ada yang stay makan dari waktu restaurant mula bukak sampai restaurant tutup! Ya ampun!!!!! Membela ke? Tu sebab makan tak berhenti.......hehehe! FYI the place is open at 5pm & closes at 1am.

Another one of our family's favourite place to eat is at Kedai Makanan Raju. It's in Petaling Jaya,,,,,,Jalan Gasing - Taman Jaya area. No worries this joint is certified Halal. Ramai VVIP suka makan kat sini. My BIL Kadir was the one who introduces me to this place.

There you go......Nasi Daun Pisang lunch.

I mix all 3 curries - Kari Ayam - Kari Ikan - Dhal......

Huge selection of fresh seafood for you to choose from & various types of fish too. There's quail and chicken. We had deep fried fish eggs - deep fried chicken & deep fried squids. My favourite is the fried ikan bulus.

Maggo Lassi & Coconut juice to wash things down.........nyaman.

Hohoho........the end of nasi daun pisang.......

My baby boy enjoying the papadoms.

Coco-Nuts mummy & daughter!

Betapa MP tak suka ke Pavilion & ke Tony Romas........berjaya jugak persuade dia....hehehe! Yna wanted to come so bad that she was nagging to me about it for days.......

MP was in a good mood that day.......not like when we were here during our last visit with him here.

The favs......fried mushrooms & ceasar salad........

Yna loves the bread & garlic butter spread......she ate lots of it. Ahhhhh.......Ribs from the kids meal.

I know that MP will sometimes go for ribs & steaks too but dunno why he didn't even wanna try the ribs here with us. He opted for grilled salmon instead. But peeps........I know MP too well,,,,,,,,his ego has to win. He knows me & Yna loves the ribs here and if he shows that he too likes the ribs here *now*, then he'll have no choice but to come here for the ribs. That day he even asked me , isn't the ribs here just as good as the ones at Chili's or TGIF? Both me & Yna said NO! Nothing near!

Remember that I had lunch with my friend Paul here mid may? There were left overs , I took it home & MP ate it. I know he knows that the ribs is good here but guess he went on judging the place even before we came. And for him to said that he's OK with the place now???? Wohooooo........he won't.

My strawberry lemonade & MP had lemonade........too sour for him , kena mintak extra syrup.

Dah lama,,,,,,lama,,,,,,,lama,,,,,,,tak masak. The other day Yna nak makan kari ayam. Hmmmmmmmm.....lepas ambil dia dari sekolah , singgah Giant to buy what's needed. My super fast way of cooking my Chicken Curry. Fast but delicious laaa.........

In goes everything in the pot. Chicken - potatoes - curry leaves - my fav instant curry paste........mixed well.

In goes some water - stir it well - heat on & cover it till the curry's cooked. Sekali sekali kacau supaya tak berkerak......rasa-kan garam & my case , I didn't add any. Tasted OK for me already.

Bila potato dah empuk , in goes some green chillies & sweet cherry tomatoes. Then in goes a pack of kerisek........hmmmm.......

A bit more stirring needed........and am done. Under 20 minutes , just nice coz by the time my curry's done ,,,,,, nasi pun masak.

There was a day in May that I rasa lemah sangat. Kepala otak dok teringat-kan sup mangkok besar kat Taiwan House! Masa sebok-sebok hantar Yna pergi dance practice dia *masa dia nak buat show hari tu*......I lari kejap ke Ampang Point. I love the clear soup..........then letak sambal cili padi & sayur assam in the soup........Oh my........

My fav here , Glass Noodle & Dumpling Soup..........

Ni pun masa time-time si Yna dok practice for her show........sebelum pergi practice , makan dulu kat Octopus , Ampang Point. Agedashi Tofu for MP & Adik Mok , Grilled Fish for Yna & Fried Soo Hoon for me............and of course , Yasai Tempura for me too! MP order apa entah......tak ingat.

There was one nite that we didn't know where to eat........lalu kat main road Keramat AU2....depan Sapura........ada gerai-gerai makan. MP stop kat situ and we tried eating at one of the warung.

Thai food laa.........Yna wanted Udang Goreng Tepung. We also tried the Ikan Kembong Bakar.

Spicy Lala - Telur Dadar - Kankung Belacan & Prawn Tom's not bad.

The tembikai laici.........buih macam stout!

OK..........esok nak makan kat mana lagi...........lama tak gi Bora Ombak ek.....Kak Aida........JOM!

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