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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Guten Tag Germany!

I've always supported 2 teams in the World Cup ever since I was a little girl , it's Germany & Italy. Too bad last night defending world champion Italy lost 3-2 to underdog Slovakia , making way for Slovakia & Paraguay of Group F to proceed to the next round by eliminating Italy & another World Cup newcomer underdog New Zealand. Oh well.......

On the other hand another favourite World Cup team of mine , Germany made it through the next round. Yayyyy! Germany is in Group D together with Australia , Ghana & Serbia. After a big win of 4-Nil over Australia in their first game , surprisingly lost 1-Nil to the Serbs and won 1-Nil to Ghana.........Germany winner of Group D will advance to the knockout phase together with Ghana along with 14 other teams from Group A-B-C-E-F-G & H.

Good luck to Germany!

Dunno why am so excited with the World Cup this year.......I was counting the day for the kick-off! Before the game started I bought 2 World Cup team t-shirts. One T is of the South Africa "Bafana Bafana" meaning "The Boys",,,,,,,I wore it the whole day on the opening World Cup game & was in front of the TV to watch the South Africa-Mexico opening game. I wore the Germany T on the day of their first game with the Aussies & again & again & again whenever I feel like it........hehehe!

It's a craze in I joined in the fun in creating a Germany jersey for myself.

Yna on the other hand supported England & naturally , having a Dutch blood streaming in her ......she also supported great granpa's homeland , Holland. The Dutch made it to the next round too together with Japan in Group E.

Here's something that I still have with me. It's an old German ceramic wall plaque. There were 3 differently designed plaques but 2 was broken during a major house painting job few years back. I was quite mad with MP & the paint boys he hired for breaking my precious plaques. Now only 1 plaque left. It was given to my family from my Papa's good buddy Uncle Shafie who now lives in Germany. He gave us as gifts when he first came back to Malaysia in the early 80's with his German wife & daughter.

See,,,,,2 nails popping out from the wall. Years passed and I don't bother to replace it with any other wall plaques................I miss the traditional old German ones , still.

The story in a small town like Taiping made my Papa and Uncle Shafie with few more friends decided to go to Germany in the 70's to start a new life there. When family members got to know of my Papa's plan to migrate to Germany,,,,,,they strongly objected it. As a result , my Papa didn't make that journey to Germany but my Uncle Shafie went ahead. He later got married to a German woman & have 3 kids. He's been living in Germany for more than 30 years now.

The last time I saw Uncle Shafie & his family was 4 or 5 years back when he came back to Malaysia for a holiday. He called my Papa and we finally met in Sungei Wang. MP & Yna was there too. Think am gonna write him a letter or something but I misplaced his address..... I used to send Raya cards to him for few years but then after the craze of sending E-cards.....I slipped away following the E-culture , hmmmmphhhhh........Wait,,,,,,,I think I have his address in my old computer at my parent's place.......have to fix the computer first before I can retrieve files & datas in it. When oh when can I do that?

So,,,,,,,,there's a little bit of my story with Germany. Nothing much but dear to my heart.

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