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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gunung Baju!

Wohohoooo.......have this ever happened to you? I hate doing the laundry and that one issue is what me & MP always have disagreement on. He said that it's a waste of money to send our daily clothes to the laundry and we'll save money by doing it ourselves. Per kg is how much dude? I saw a tag that's under RM2 at Wangsa Walk. Say it's RM5 per kg (I know it's much lesser than that) short , I think I can still afford to spend RM30-RM50 (that's like 10kg of laundry) of laundry bill a week for my whole family's clothes. I don't change my clothes daily , I'll wear a fresh T-shirt on Monday and will wear it again the next day. I don't have any problem with that. Do you? Well , I don't care about what people would think but I seriously have no problem repeating what I wear the next day or later in the week as long as it's still good to wear.

Knowing that I hate doing the laundry , meaning the whole thing from putting clothes into the washing machine to sun drying them to folding & ironing them.........I dislike doing any of it! MP on the other hand will make an effort to do ONLY part of the laundry,,,,,,,,washing the clothes & then sun drying them. Then.............

.........this is what happens........kiri kain baju MP , belah kanan kain baju I. MP'll leave it to me.....ME??? to do the least likable laundry duty! Ironing & folding.........damn! That's because he too dislike doing it. I've discussed this domestic issue with MP , telling him to just sent our clothes to the laundry *except for our under garments* since I'm tight up with studio , having to handle the kids & he's busy with his work. I cannot afford to be a super woman and further more laundry is not my forte. He knows the fact that I HATE doing laundry ever since am single. He knows. I don't do my own laundry *except for my lingerie laa kan* My mom will do it. When I was single , every time I decided to do my laundry on any mom will say "hari ni Rima basuh baju,,,,,nanti mesti hujan ribut......" usually does! Kalau tak hujan will rain......Hey! Am an Aquarius the Water Bearer.........naturally I'll bring water with me....hehehe! This is true babe , even till doing the laundry equals to rain. Trust me , it will rain. Hmmmmmm..........

Dunno why MP is so reluctant to send our clothes to the laundry except for HIS working clothes & his good shirts , Yna's school uniforms & her baju kurung mengaji.......that he has no problem sending. Kalau baju-baju I yang ada batu-batu ke , he won't make a fuss laa but if I were to gather my daily clothes & jeans & telekung to be sent to the laundry........he wont be pleased about it. He'll show dislikeness. Seriously I don't know why and can't read his mind on this one. On my side , I don't see it as a big problem. It's like part of my daily chores. Gather clothes - send them to the laundry - pick 'em up.....what's the big deal? I can do it on my way out to the studio or on my way to fetch Yna from school. It's an easy task. Don't know if man does react like that or it's just my grumpy partner.....hehehe!

That's Yna's clothes for me to fold..........not doing all at starting with Adriel's mounted tiny clothes first.

Human........baju dah menggunung kat atas katil in the guest room , belum habis lipat lagi. Like what you saw in the first pic......bersusun shopping bag. Keluar je , beli baju.....sampai still ada yang masih dalam shopping bag lagi. Owh not perfect , I have my weakness and am not shame to share part of it with you. Like it or not I'll try to fold those clothes at my own own bloody time. MP's not happy about it...........So be it.

A note for me : Is he doing it on purpose for me to quit doing what I love to do......again.....hmmmm......Dejavu , 9+ years ago.


  1. salam kak..
    akak penah dgr dobi mr clean tak?
    kt situ murah.. once u dh jd member.. dia akan bg u one loundry bag.. tk kire laa banyak mane pon ur baju.. they only charge u rm10.. z pon baju memang antar dobi..sumabt je dlm beg tu...7kg ke..8kg ke... tetap 10 henget.. tp tak tau la area umah akak ade tk mr clean check their web.. saje jelaa share.. wawawa..mane tau pasni ur mp tk bising2 lagi tgk bil loundry dh murah wawawawa

  2. z dear.....thnx for the info, will try to scout around. MP bukan marah pasal harga tu...dia nak kak rima buat semua kerja rumah...jadi suri rumah mithali...hehehe! haiyooo...i cannot laaa...hehehe!

  3. hahaha.. same le cm my hubby... tp z bg alasan anak kecik tk dan tangan nk buat terpakse le en suami senyap wawwawawa