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Monday, June 14, 2010

Can't We Fight Them?

Difficult but slowly , we can. We must.

The world waited up till now to fight them.......still.......the world sits in a meeting to fight them.......truth is........the world can defeat them but when the world became slaves to money,,,,,the world is being blinded by it. The world 'forgave' what they have done to innocent people , babies , little children , the elderly in Palestine. Tragic what money can do to humankind.

They recently murdered humanitarian workers to Gaza on Mavi Marmara without mercy. They were shot at close range........awful. Only heartless humans can do that to another human being. Stop calling them syaitan or devils or iblis,,,,,,,,,they are not. They are human just like us. Devils will persuade humans to do bad deeds coz they will never do it for us. Devils will leave the final execution to humans. The difference between the Israelis & us is that , we have a heart & they don't.

It was so clear to the world that they have invaded the international laws.......and the world cannot do anything to prosecute them? Hahaha........ The world cannot fight Israel? Hahaha........ The world is indeed a puppet then.

Even though we know that there's so many consumer products out there yang core owner-nya kita tahu siapa punya lah. Memang susah nak lawan nafsu to boycott products yang kita dah guna not suggesting we do it drastically. It's impossible to do unless our government took the extreme steps to stop all imported goods yang kita tahu sumbernya datang dari para pelabur Yahudi.........then we'll be left with no choice but to buy products yang ada dalam market sahaja.......

Like I said it won't be easy.........boleh kata almost semua di sekeliling kita adalah dari mereka sampai-kan they've implanted 1 simple ideology in us like kalau nak jawab telefon mesti kata "Hello" where we Muslims should be greeting one another with "Assalamualaikum" or a simple "Salam"........Many will say that this is small but this is what they do. Not only kita yang alpha ni yang dok jawab phone with Hellos........even mereka yang alim-alim pun boleh terlepas pandang when it comes to this matter. Kecik je ideology Yahudi untuk nak lalaikan orang Islam sampai it became part of us.........jawab telefon mesti kena kata Hello! Susah nak tukar laaa.........I know. But bila kita dah sedar yang ideology sebegini boleh pesongkan aqidah kita.....we must try to change. It's OK kalau tak boleh buat drastically , do it slowly but we must. Ini baru sebesar hama sebaran ideology Yahudi untuk nak rosak-kan aqidah kita agar kita lupa pada "Assalamualaikum". Don't let them win........they're dangerous. Fight them slowly sebab they are ahead of us.

Even the Nazi's knew that Jews were no good to them and gave them an acid shower! More on acid shower holocaust here.

For a start maybe we can list down products Yahudi yang kita guna.......narrow down the list and maybe try substitute dengan other equivalent products & etc.......difficult , I know. Am struggling myself.

Try this instead.....say no to 3 things. Hmmmmm...........boleh kot?

Be sure to check the code the next time we're doing our grocery shopping.......

If nothing works........maybe thinking that these innocent Palestinian children died for us to make the change will help.

Many know the history and I'm sure MA---NY out there are still cloudy of the Israel - Palestine here.

So we say that not all Jews are bad Jews........hmmmm......true & too bad.

May Allah have mercy on the souls of those who lost their lives fighting these bad people.......

Al-Fatihah to my Muslim brothers & sisters in Palestine who's no longer with me.......


  1. salam kak rima,
    z pinjam gmbar2 boikot akak eh...nk tepek jugak kt blog...dh tepek baru mintak izin nie.. huuhuh rase geram je bile bc entry baru akak nie..terus semangt nk tepek kt blog jugak...

  2. nak boikot?sorry la orang kita..ada yang sanggup melantak Mc D semata mata nak kumpul gelas je...huuhuhuhuhu

  3. Anonymous mate.........

    I know u can've been following....duhhh! Didn't you read the part where I said it's not easy to do it. Why be childish & acted stupid about it? grow up & get a life.....better boycott something than nothing at all....

  4. Z dear....ambil least ada jugak semangat nak tempek gambar kat blog....dari those Islam yang tak habis-habis nak kutuk sesama Islam....sangat merugikan....

  5. mnyemak betol anonomus tu...ikat antar kt israel suruh tembak pon bagos