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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Asam Pedas Adventure

Am not an Asam Pedas fan but once in a while I'll cook & eat it anyway. Kebelakangan ni banyak pulak makan asam pedas.........mana tak nya.......I have a student who comes for vocal lessons every week all the way from Malacca with his mom.....kat Melaka Marul's mom ada several kedai makan. So every now and then bila Marul datang kelas dia akan tapau-kan lauk-pauk dari kedai and bawak datang studio. Apa lagi sebelum start kelas , I'll eat the food with Kak Siti kat studio. Speaking of Malacca & its asam pedas........Marul ada bawa Asam Pedas Daging , Asam Pedas Ayam & Asam Pedas Ikan...........

Asam Pedas Melaka , Jusco AU2

So the other day while I was out jalan-jalan cari makan with my family,,,,,,,we settled for Asam Pedas Melaka for the 2nd time.

Food's fine but the service this time around........quite disappointing. I ordered a Wild Mushroom & Chicken Pie *something like that lah....lupa dah....* for Adriel but it only came when we've almost finished eating. It would be appropriate if the waitress that took our orders had advice us that the dish will take quite a long time to cook so then it will be our choice to go ahead and order it or not. MP was not happy with it *naturally* coz Adriel was starving for food and we can't give him anything coz we ordered everything spicy. Another thing , I ordered desserts - Cheese Cake & Cendol and they sent them to us before our food arrives........Fine with me but the cendol bowl was too small. Ada ice-cream on top of it lagi.......while waiting for our food , the ice-cream & shaved ice melted & went down straight to the small saucer that was placed below the small bowl. I had to ask for the waiter to dump my melted cendol tower into a bigger bowl.......

MP was showing quite an attitude and I was pleading that he 'save' some of his antics,,,,,,,,to save my face actually.......hahhhhhhh! Patience....petience..........some people just don't have it.

Pass.........back to food now. Here's what we ordered. MP wanted Asam Pedas Ikan Pari. Some Sambal Udang Petai. Lemak Cili Padi Daging for me......The last time I dah rasa asam pedas kat sini & I tak berapa suka sangat coz tak manis , so kali ni I cuba the lemak cili api........hmmmmm.......maybe OK to you but still not quite there for me in terms of taste....sorry.

Yna had Beef Lasagna......Yup! Ada western menu kat sini........

This one I all the petai was for me & only me to indulge! Yehaaaaa! MP didn't even touch this dish coz it looks too spicy for him,,,,,,it wasn't actually but,,,,,good lah.....I ate them all!

The cheese cake was good........lupa nak ambil photo cendol cair I tu..........

Restoran Fiske Steakhouse , Keramat AU2

On a different nite for the first time we tried eating at Restoran Fiske Steakhouse. Actually dah bertahun-tahun lalu depan kedai ni tapi tak pernah cuba. Ya , we wanted to try out the steaks & other western food that was being served here but don't know why we ended ordering the food in its sub-menu........Asam Pedas Melaka. Knowing that I don't fancy asam pedas but macam ada magnet pulak yang tarik tekak to order the dish again. Hmmmmm........but I know apa kuasa yang menarik I pada asam pedas itu.......hehehe! Tunggu.....

MP ordered set Asam Pedas Ikan Pari & I had Asam Pedas Daging Cincang........

The asam pedas sets comes with this Nasi Petak.......ada sambal belacan + ulam kacang panjang & kacang botol + telur masin.

.....and,,,,,,the asam pedas sets also comes with a free glass of Air Sirap Selasih. We ordered a side dish of Telur Dadar. This place has a unique way of preparing its telur dadar........the telur dadar comes with semi-fried onions + red chillies + kacang panjang + kacang botol. It was cool for me but MP suka telur dadar kosong or just with onions.........oh dear......imagine how boring it is????? So he ate the eggs & I ate the veggies that he left behind.......

Oh was Father's Day today...........baru I ingat.....

This is the magnet that pulled me into ordering Asam Pedas! Kicap Lemak Manis Cap Kipas Udang! Masa nak masuk restoran ni , I ternampak botol-botol kicap manis ni kat luar restoran........Haaaaaaaaa.......kalau ada kicap manis , I can really eat asam pedas. Tak de hal. FYI any asam pedas set cost RM10 except for set asam pedas udang that cost RM12. Next time datang sini will try the western menu.........

Halal Korean Food @ Food Court in Taman Putra Sulaiman (didn't get the actual name.......Natural Beef if not mistaken)

I've finally found a Halal Korean eatery in "Little Korea" Ampang......yes! I had a late night with Kak Siti , Ikhmal & Bell and we landed at one of the food court around the area near to the studio. Since dah lewat malam tak nak makan yang berat and opted for something soupy. I tried Kimchi Chigae. The serving was huge......2-3 pax can eat it. The next time I wanna try Bibimbap. Must! Must! Must!

Kimchi Chigae or Fermented Cabbage Soup , it's a Korean spicy hot soup made of Kimchi & Kochujang. Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish consisting of fermented chili peppers and vegetables, usually the common ingredients include Chinese cabbage, radish, garlic, red pepper, spring onion, ginger, salt and sugar. Meanwhile Kochujang is a popular Korean condiment (chili pepper paste) made from glutinous rice powder mixed with both powdered, fermented soybeans and red peppers.

Kimchi Chigae
is served in a pot and still boiling when served on the table. It contains kimchi as well as other ingredients such as green onion, onion, tofu, beef & seafood. Kimchi Chigae is eaten with a bowl of rice. Delicious.

Warung Santai , Tesco Ampang

Ni tak de asam pedas dah........I was at Tesco the other day with Yna. Had lunch with her at Warung Santai. We had Daging Goreng Kunyit - Seafood Padprit & Telur Dadar with white rice.

I woke up in the middle of the nite.........then susah nak tidur......lately , yes.......I had a lot of things lingering in my mind. Can't help but to look at my son sleeping. He is so special. Because of him........I'm a new me. Because of him.........I found love again. All because of him. Thank you baby A.

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