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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adriel's Birthday : The Goodie Bags

Am not throwing a big party or anything. Didn't invite many of my friends just those non-working moms , on a working day during working hours! Adriel has no little friends yet so no point in doing a big party for him when he doesn't know head and tail of what's going on.......many may not agree with me but owh well , it's my call anyway.

Because I still want 30th June 2010 to be a memorable day.........I planned a simple gathering with my girlfriends.........with girlfriends yang tak sibuk and their kids selalu dok melayan Adik Mok. At least Adriel is familiar with their faces.........

I got these fun looking red recycle Toy Story 3 shopping bag from Tesco. Cheap & pretty.....Usable too! It's only RM3.99 per bag and the cartoon's printed on both sides of the bag. Super cool!

I also bought Toy Story 3 note pads & writing books for the goodie bags.

Hmmmm........there's loads of snaks & chocolates too!

......some sweets & chocolate balls.........

Oww yeah........Adriel's goodie bags done.

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