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Monday, May 24, 2010

My Experience @ The AF8 Concert : Rehearsal Day

Thursday - 20th May 2010

All last minute choir assemble came for a practice session at the studio. From 4pm till 11pm.......That was the first time everyone heard Shahir & Adira's single except for Kak Siti laaa.....The thing is , last minute of not , we are representing one of Malaysia's respectable vocal trainer......Cikgu Siti Hajar. Naturally we have to do our best & sounded good.

Lagu Shahir AF8 - "Kebahagiaan Dalam Perpisahan"
The Adult choir will be backing up Shahir. I did the vocal harmony for the chorus........using the simple tonic triads method. Can never go wrong using this method coz there's the root note , the 3rd & 5th notes. Simple. Lagi pun it's a last minute thing........better stick to simplicity daripada nak explore macam-macam nota tapi choir members tak boleh execute.

Lagu Adira AF8 - "Ku Ada Kamu"
The Kids choir will be backing u Adira. Nothing much can be done except to get the kids to sing unison at the chorus. Kak Siti & all moms worked hard to get the kids to move.

Before we left......parents sat together to discuss what to wear for the concert & etc. We've decided on blue jeans & red top.

One more thing.......the concert tickets. Earlier this week I've asked Kak Siti to buy tickets for me & Kak Aida for the AF finals not knowing that we're gonna be chaperoning our kids to the show towards end of the week. Kak Siti requested 25 concert tickets for the 20 choir members *as per requested by the AF8 production team* and extra tickets for us parents. The concert's production team (CPT) told Kak Siti a simple,,,,,,,no tickets will be given. And another remark Kak Siti got one of the CPT officials was for Kak Siti to refer all ticket related matters with Ticket Access. Another remark she got was,,,,,,,they give her FOC tickets if she's bringing celebrity friends to the concert...........haiyooo! Untuk cikgu dalam faculty pun kena letak requirements teruk macam tu ke? Apatah lagi kita yang tak terlibat langsung ni.....mesti tak de kompromi laa kan....

Hello? Bukan Kak Siti yang terhegeh-hegeh nak bawak budak-budak choir tofthe AF8 concert , you people from the CPT yang nak-kan Adults & Kids choir to perform at the why Kak Siti pulak yang kena urus hal-hal tickets & what nots? Biol betul....

SO.....I remembered Kak Siti making a call to Tuan Pengetua Norman addressing the problem to him and see if he can help out.

We as parents tak dapat kepastian lagi sama ada dapat pass masuk or ticket ke apa , ni dah last minute.......kalau nak beli , ada ticket lagi ke tak? Kak Lizza made a call to her Astro producer friend Bob Azrai........seeking for his help to get some tickets. Our kids dah tentu-tentu dapat masuk sebab diaorang perform , yang emak-emak ni macam mana. Tak kan kita nak drop off our kids at the stadium & say bye-bye je.....hah korang pergi laa cari Cikgu Siti sendiri......bodoh piang laa macam tu. We're not talking about students umur 17 tahun.......they're below 11 with the youngest aged 5! Malam tu jugak Bob Azrai promised to give Kak Lizza 4 tickets. Good seats we were told. Thanx Bob.

Meaning , I dengan Kak Aida dah ada ticket yang Kak Siti belikan awal-awal. Kak Lizza is bringing her hubby Abang Midi , another 2 tickets will be given to 2 other moms - Suraya & my SIL Yatie. OK semua moms dah ada tickets. So now choir members je yang belum dapat ticket coz if not , they can't see the concert and will have to be back stage throughout the concert. Macam bodoh laa pulak were at the finals tapi you didn't get to see the show....duhhh! Baik duduk depan TV kat rumah......

We're done at the studio by 11pm-ish.......tomorrow will be the dress rehearsal at Stadium Putra a new experience for the kids to see how camera rehearsal's done and all..........

Friday - 21st May 2010

We arrived at Stadium Putra around 4pm-ish. Waiting game started.

Pengetua Norman asked Kak Siti if ticket matters dah OK........yup! Thanx a lot , we got 25 tickets for the choir members to see the concert after they're done singing. As for me,,,,,,,Norman said been a while that we haven't met.....I told him,,,,,been a long time and we laughed it off. The last time we had any encounter was in the late 90's. Masa tu KRU , me , Ramlah Ram , Nash & few others were doing few shows around Sabah including a New Year show. were having fun at first but they turned restless as we didn't get the run down or general briefing from producer , AP , Stage Manager or Floor Manager........anyone.....we don't know what time & when are the kids were supposed to have their share of rehearsals. Kids or not , rehearse tetap kena rehearse. I've done & produced shows through my entertainment company since 1991 *walaupun bukan live telecast for TV but still,,,,,,the basics of show production is the same*......sekurang-kurangnya we'll have a rough time frame of who'll be up next & what happens next & etc. Ni tak de , we were left guessing........lepas ni kot,,,,,lepas ni turn kita a point I felt.....rasanya every adults in our team felt like the CPT made us feel like we're not there at all. Yang penting was the finalist - hosts - dancers - musicians........kita ni apa kes? Bukan ke korang yang panggil kita nyanyi?

One after another finalist were up on stage to rehearse their songs......

Adult choir dok menunggu.......they're worried coz they've practiced with the single *studio arrangements* & now they have to sing with the arrangements will definitely be different. As singers we do need the rehearsal time with the orchestra tapi.......the CPT doesn't seem to look at it that way......Owh! Yaaaa......kita kan pro beb!

Sambil tunggu.......apa lagi......ambil gambar laa kaedahnya.......

Earlier Kak Aida belikan all the kids a small note pad for them to get autographs. While waiting,,,,,,,the kids managed to get autographs from AF7 Champion - Hafiz , Akim of AF7 & Cikgu Linda Jasmine.

Hmmmmm........siap main nenek-nenek lagi dengan Hafiz & Akim.....Mak Iti jadi nenek,,,,,hehehe!

The kids took a group photos with AF stars that came in their way......Hafiz - Akim - Nadia - Yazer & Toi.

More pics with Cikgu Linda Jasmine & Azrul CHAM Raja Lawak.........

Hmmmmm........jangan marah......I duduk tempat Adlin Aman Ramli hokkey!!!! Duduk je , kalau laa I boleh cakap lepas-lepas macam Adlin hari tu..........hahhhhh.......I've got nothing to lose , pandang muka Kak Siti je.

Tidak mahu ketinggalan duduk kat kerusi juri..........rehearse belum lagi tuh....gambar dah berlambak-lambak.......ramai yang bawak camera , kat FB nanti will be flooded with AF pics......

Finally the kids got to rehearse.........once through je pun......then the CPT decided to record the kids voice,,,,,,,meaning esok malam final budak-budak ni miming je lah.

Dah selesai brief rehearsal , with no where to go......we had to wait for the final dress rehearsal malam nanti. Now it's already 7pm-ish.....

Finally Kak Siti told us that we were given a room to chill. Tunggu CPT kasi dinner........tak sampai-sampai. At last depa hantar 6 bungkus Nasi Bungkus to the Choir room. Mula ingat 15 bungkus but Kak Siti confirmed balik hanya 6 bungkus sahaja. Forget about us mums , we have 23 choir members........OK , forget about 23 choir members coz CPT only wanted 20 choir members,,,,,,,why give only 6 bungkus.......where's another 14 bungkus? Thanx to Kak Aida , she brought lots & lots of tidbits along. Earlier the kids makan nuggets yang Kak Aida bawak......Me - Kak Aida & Suraya decided to walked to the mini market kat luar Stadium Putra to get something for the kids. Nothing much kat kedai tu. Yang ada cuma roti & biskut.........beli lah jugak dari tak de makanan langsung for the kids. Nak buat macam mana. Adults choir members pun belasah makan roti - biskut & tidbits. All we got from the CPT from the moment we arrived till now is supply of mineral water. Syukur.......

Sejak dari siang tadi , malam ni baru lah sekali ni our adults choir dapat naik stage to sing. Sekali je then that's it.....huhuhu! Memang lebih dari pro OK. Berani - berani je nak buat show dengan sekali naik stage. We were told that the CPT nak buat recording jugak for the adults choir.......meaning , tak boleh laa nak balik lagi.....kena tunggu dress rehearsal selesai dulu baru buat recording...........

At last it was the kids turn to sing. The kids choir nyanyi untuk lagu kedua Adira , that's the last solo song from contestants! Kalau dress rehearsal start pukul 9 malam....... hmmmm.........memang past bedtime budak-budak tu baru depa dapat naik stage nyanyi.

Selesai dress rehearsal.......tunggu tunggu tunggu......everybody off everything. Light's off , camera's off......ehhhh.......kata nak record suara adults choir......Pukul 11pm-ish baru the CPT kasi tahu Kak Siti tak jadi buat recording. Esok baru buat. Cam siol je.

Apapun thanx to Bob Azrai for giving Kak Lizza 4 tickets & even though after I've not seen him for a long time......managed to 'pujuk' Bob to give me & Kak Aida 2 more tickets. Our tickets dapat duduk kat Arena lagi....TQ TQ TQ Bob.

We all went home hungry. I balik follow belakang kereta Kak Lizza. Singgah Craven Cafe BA for a very late makan! Yna siap balun Nasi Briyani with Daging Masak Hitam & Ayam Goreng lagi. Anak-anak Kak Lizza pun makan bertambah.....memang lapar tapi I can't finish my Murtabak Daging.......guess it was over my food intake time......Pukul 2 pagi baru sampai rumah............ be continued..........

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