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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mood For TV Sports......

Lega sikit kerja-kerja overtime kat studio dah habis cuma kena attend our private classes , ambil Yna from school & hantar dia mengaji.......that means I still have some time for myself. Tak laa terkejar-kejar ke sana , ke sini macam bulan lepas.

I wasn't in the mood to blog............simply because I was too busy indulging my time on the FB games on Yna's account...........Sejak busy kat studio......lama tinggalkan cafe , ladang , aquarium , geng mafia....hehehe!

As much as I love watching the SCI series,,,,,,,I am so glued to 24! Dari mula 24 ditayangkan di TV,,,,,,,,I've been a fan. Mula je the clock ticking tune........bawak sampai ke iklan , I noticed that I was tense watching those scenes........bila start iklan baru my body switched to a relax mode......very thrilling laa the show. Eventhough I dah tahu the ending of the show for the entire season , thanx to TVGuide,,,,,,am still glued to the show.......MP wasn't a fan but now he's showing interest in the show. I've stopped watching Desperate Housewives , Heroes.......once my favourite TV shows......dunno why.

Another reason that made me malas to blog is because I dok layan Thomas & Uber Cup. Am a big fan of badminton since zaman Misbun Sidek lagi and I grew watching the Sidek brother's facing their ups & downs in badminton. Razif & Jailani was my favourite duo. Rashid was my favourite solo. Maybe the state government of Selangor should consider giving the former Thomas Cup 92 winners a Datokship......they deserve it coz in badminton , Thomas Cup is the numero uno game & Olympics comes in second. So be it laa kalaupun our winning in the Thomas Cup was history but we must not forget who made it happened. Dulu the State or Federal government tak senang-senang kasi Datokship.......but now since any Tom - Dick & Harry pun boleh depa kasi,,,,,,revise balik and give it to the former Thomas Cup winning team in 92.......hello! our boys certainly created history by winning the cup from Indonesia.......

So we lost in our battle to see Mr. Thomas stays in Malaysia but in the spirit of badminton , I kept on watching the game even Piala Uber where our ladies dah ke laut awal-awal lagi. It's just that I dislike the current point system. I prefer the old point giving system. Service kat tangan siapa pun tak de faedah......siapa kasi bola keluar tetap dapat point. Boring. The point of 'service over' again? China will be meeting Indonesia in the finals..........I'll be supporting China. *Ampun Mbak Aida.....jangan marah-in gue yah.....lariiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!*

More sports fever to come on tele..............The World Cup! Can't wait! My favourite team , always have been Italy & Germany. Don't ask me why..........been their fan since the 1982 World Cup. I was in standard 4 and I stayed up on a school nite to watch the game and then dengan tak tidur , terus siap pergi sekolah........I remembered that me & my dad supported Italy while my mom & my brother supported Germany. Italy won 3-1. The famous Italian player..........Paolo Rossi. The famous Germany player was Karl-Heinz Rummenigge *handsome....handsome.....masa 1982 laaa...hehehe!*

Am off to bed now...........MP tak de. Hmmmm.......esok je lahh I cerita. My other A's calling.......hehehe!

A note for me : Free......mind body & soul.

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