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Monday, May 10, 2010

Hello! It's Mothers Day Laa...

Last weekend I went to Jusco Alpha Angle for lunch. Mana lagi , kalau pergi Alpha Angle,,,,,,,MP ada,,,,,,,,kalau tak Mr. Tepanyaki , it has to be Johnny's laaa......2 tempat tu dah mesti.

Had lunch at Johnny's..........MP suka makan sini tapi dia tak kaki steamboat. Yang dia selalu order is the Seaweed Roll....itu je & nothing else. He'll order food from the menu & his fav here is the Thai Chicken Rice or Prawn Green Curry. Me & Yna had the steamboat........Yna's choice of steamboat is Japanese Tofu - Beef - Quail Eggs & Golden Mushrooms. My choice selalunya jellyfish - fish & lettuce.

Tu dia...............cooked & ready to eat!

Ahhh! Another choic of mine , a serving of SooHoon.....

Kali ni nak cuba the dessert kat Johnny's ni..........It's called Salim. Hmmmm......sweet & I like it. Yna loves it too.

Ada promotion POLO pulak kat lobby Jusco tu. MP memang pakai Polo yang botol hijau......I suruh MP beli sebotol Polo classic tu eventhough kat rumah ada lagi. I nak-kan the free gift , a Polo hand-luggage......MP beli........hehehe! Mata I tengok cantik hand-luggage ni.....

Promoter Polo yang attended us gave few other gifts such as perfume samples & shower gels.....then MP get a chance to spin the wheel.............dapat more shower gels!

We also got a free family photograph taken in an 8R size.........

That was how I spent Mother's Day this year.........hanging out with my family. In the car on the way home........Yna told MP , "Papa.....hari ni kan Mother's Day? Kenapa Papa beli perfume untuk Papa? Kenapa tak beli perfume untuk Mama?" ,,,,,,,well everyone? That's my little angel. Love you dear A *wink*


  1. hepy mother's day kak rima...

    mmg cantik beg polo tu..

    pmdainya yna nak kenekan papa dia yer..yna dah besar dah faham yer..

  2. Johnny's is our family favourite restaurant too...we usually ambil steamboat with tomyam soup. Yummy!

  3. Hanim - dia dah kenal bapak dia yang muka beku tu...hehehe!

    Anonymous - I'm ok with tom yum but MP memang tak suka makan tom yum :-(