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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Finally Have The Time........

After a hectic April & the flashmob job & school's I finally have some time for myself,,,,,,allowing me to update my blog and to spend more time with my little A's. staying away from the kitchen. Planning to cook a big feast for my family but,,,,,,oh boy! when and when and when laaa kan.....Today I had lunch at Mango Chilli's with mi familia. Yna wanted to eat there for the longest time tapi tak sempat singgah sejak I sibuk dengan flashmob. So today after school , finally made that stop at Wangsa Walk. Me & Yna had the white rice & fried chicken set. We love the fried chicken so much coz it's so crispy & fried to perfection. I ordered a small bowl of prawn tom yum as an add-on to my meal. The red tom yum here is good for my taste......the way red tom yum should be prepared......

Ordered some fried rice for Adik Mok & some ommelette. MP opted for white rice & prawn green curry.

MP wanted to try the Talapia.......deep fried with sweet chilli sauce......not bad. As for drinks.......I stayed faithfull to my sweet thai tea with pandan.......I've been ordering the same drink ever since I started eating at Mango Chilli's. That's a little bit about myself there.......faithfull.......untill......jeng! jeng! jeng! ..... hehehe!

Mi familia está comiendo.........

Finally belikan Adriel this silver bracelet.......tapi tak ada service untuk engrave nama kat Wangsa Walk ni.......nanti lah.....kasi dia selesa pakai gelang tangan ni dulu.......kat Jusco AU2 ada kedai jual silver yang boleh engrave nama rasanya.

Sebelum minggu pertama May berakhir , baru dapat tengok program Trek Selebriti edisi Tenaga Pengajar AF8. Terselit le muka I 2 saat.......hahaha! The crew followed Kak Siti from AF studio in Shah Alam to Putrajaya where she teached MOSTI's choir , then they continued trekking Kak Siti to the studio for more interview sessions with its host Aril.

A note for me : Many things on my mind but someone dear is always at the front of it.......Dear God , please speed things up for me......I wanna be where I should be.........Amein!

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